What would you say is the most popular type of product sold on Etsy?

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Original Post

mcdonuts says

craft supplies?...art?...soap?...food??!

I've seen so many different products sold on etsy but am curious as to which products (whether you are selling them in your own store or are seeing a trend in other sellers' successes) seem to be the most popular to Etsy buyers...or if there is even a definable trend for buying certain products at all!

What would you say is the most popular type of product sold on Etsy?

Posted at 4:37pm Dec 22, 2009 EST


5by5 says

supplies *

Posted at 4:38pm Dec 22, 2009 EST


Posted at 4:40pm Dec 22, 2009 EST

Arent most of the top sellers ever supply sellers?

Posted at 4:41pm Dec 22, 2009 EST

Cowls and owls, it should be!!!!

Posted at 4:43pm Dec 22, 2009 EST

mcdonuts says

thanks everyone for the info and comments :)

Posted at 4:56pm Dec 22, 2009 EST

Bath and body and Jewelry

Posted at 4:57pm Dec 22, 2009 EST

Supplies, it is the most I see when browsing the just sold section

Posted at 4:58pm Dec 22, 2009 EST

So what's the most-sold finished item type?

Posted at 4:59pm Dec 22, 2009 EST