Best bookkeeping software for your craft business???

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Original Post

Hey guys!
I just got an amazing new computer for Christmas. I now have acomputer capable of doing my bookkeeping. Yay! I want to get Quicken for Home and Business. So I can do my home finances as well. Anyone have any experiences with other software they'd recommend?
And Merry Christmas!

Posted at 7:21pm Dec 25, 2009 EST



Posted at 7:23pm Dec 25, 2009 EST

EyeDesire says

Great woof!

My husband has been using Quicken for our home finances for a long time and Quicken works really well.

For my shop, I'm currently using excel spreadsheet. Since I don't have many sales, I kept all materials I have bought and sales information to a spreadsheet. If my shop picks up more sales and get busier I probably will use Quicken too.

Merry Christmas!

Posted at 8:05pm Dec 25, 2009 EST

You can download sales from your Sold section and save as an Excel file.
You can also download data from Paypal, but that has limits that I don't remember...didn't let me do something.

Posted at 8:07pm Dec 25, 2009 EST

I use Quicken, it's user friendly and inexpensive. I am also an Accountant at my day job.

Posted at 8:07pm Dec 25, 2009 EST

I just use the free outright in the etsy seller deals. works great for what i need. I guess it just depends on how detailed you need everything to be!

Posted at 8:19pm Dec 25, 2009 EST

I use the Quicken that came with my computer. It's simple, but so is my business- money comes in, money goes out. I used a notebook, pencil and shoe box for years so this is quite an upgrade!

Posted at 8:22pm Dec 25, 2009 EST

I use excel. I personally would not put my personal business info on the internet with something like Outright.

Posted at 8:24pm Dec 25, 2009 EST

I'm a fan on Quicken and Quickbooks from my bookkeeping days :-) Excel is a great tool though, especially if you use pivot tables to summarize the different expense areas for your year end tax reporting --- But you have to be a lot more meticulous in your categories and recordkeeping.

Posted at 8:26pm Dec 25, 2009 EST

My records are extremely simple, so I use excel. Personally, I prefer Simply Accounting over Quicken/Quickbooks. Whatever you do, USE ACCOUNT NUMBERS not just names. I am a Chartered Accountant by day.

Posted at 8:44pm Dec 25, 2009 EST