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valenstar says

Well, I learned to crochet first (we had all the hooks from my grandmother who passed away a year or two earlier). Tthen while my grandpa was sick I found knifty knitters and used them as a good distraction in the hospital. Once I got to college I joined a craft group and finally (with much determination) learned to knit one weekend.

Posted at 10:59am Dec 27, 2009 EST

JBSoaps says

I used both knitting needles and knitting machine. For me it all depends on what I'm making. I usually used my knitting machine, just to make blankets since they are big. I make blankets to donate to the children shelter. So I need quite a few of them to give to the shelter and that is the only way I can do them fast.

Posted at 11:00am Dec 27, 2009 EST

Knitting needles and crochet hooks. Lots of sizes.

Posted at 11:01am Dec 27, 2009 EST

I use knitting needles(straight, cicular and double points),crochet hooks.

Posted at 1:06pm Dec 27, 2009 EST

They are what I learned on.

Posted at 1:07pm Dec 27, 2009 EST

I use all three, each serving a different purpose. The knitting machine for items which I need to get out in a hurry. Needles for items which I want to put special touches on or to fine knit. The knifty knitters for simple items--even the husband can use a kk.

I also use a knitting board. Again, each has it's purpose and all have a learning curve.

Posted at 1:13pm Dec 27, 2009 EST

mkdesigner says

I use old fashioned knitting needles, knitting looms and since my main business focus is my machine knitting patterns, I use my knitting machines. I have a bunch of them, much to my hubby's chagrin. Only have 2 up at the moment, though.

Marge in NV

Posted at 1:32pm Dec 27, 2009 EST

I use knitting needles and crochet hooks. I do have an old Bond knitting frame (precursor to the Incredible Sweater Machine) and a few Knifty Knitters around the house, but most of the time I use the old-fashioned style Brittany wooden needles.

Posted at 4:09pm Dec 27, 2009 EST

I use needles to knit! It is fun yet time consuming depending on what you make. I like to make handbags with big circular needles. Then felt them! I have some at my etsy shop for sale that are so cute! :)

I have never tried it any other way.

Posted at 4:11pm Dec 27, 2009 EST

weedesigns says

I currently do mostly crochet & hand knitting, but I've also used a knitting machine, a variety of knitting looms (including a Mattel one for Barbie clothes that has a crank arm on it & my own home-made ones from aluminum cans), the K-Tel Looper, and even the Knitting Pal.

I just love gadgets :)

Now I just need to learn how to spin & my fiber addiction will be complete. Anybody know how to make a box charkha?

Posted at 4:27pm Dec 27, 2009 EST