EBAY vs ETSY...I am in the EBAY corner right now...here's why.

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Original Post

I confess, I started on EBAY 5 years ago and have been back and forth over there for the past 2 years. I started an ETSY store a couple of years ago, when EBAY's tweeking became problemsome for many sellers including myself (I am a painter, and was previously a powerseller). I liked the idea of ETSY at the time, but just could not stay on top of the listings, I was used to the EBAY way, so the change was hard to adjust to. NOW TIME: I decided to try Etsy again about 4 months ago when my gallery sales started to decline due to closures. I vowed to make more time for it this time. However, I am experiencing the same ETSY frustration I did before...It is just taking too much computer face time to be noticed here. Basically without boring you with all the math, in the end, it costs me about 25% to sell on either EBAY OR ETSY building in my listing, final value, paypal and advertising expenses(partial estimates based on EBAY calculator www.rolbe.com/ebay.htm and Etsy calculator www.rolbe.com/etsy.htm) Everyone says EBAY is so expensive...it can be I suppose, but if you look at it the way I do...Etsy costs me the same, with way less sales....and believe me, I've broken it up and down and all around many times. I have come back to ETSY this time with a very committed attempt at making it work...I have made a few sales here, and met many nice buyers, but if you want a percentage...I have made 95% more money on EBAY and put in about 95% more time here trying. I will continue to do both EBAY and ETSY for now. EBAY is not for everyone, I know many sellers do extremely well here on ETSY...I'm just trying to be one of them! BTW: I dont facebook, I dont twitter, I dont blog, I usually don't forum ;...I never will...It's just not my thing, but mostly, I dont have time...I do however, have a full time job and those are realistic facts for many of us. So...There are my thoughts, What are yours?...Am I in the wrong corner? Let's hear you break it down...

Posted at 11:53pm Dec 30, 2009 EST


ebay rocks on many different levels.

Posted at 11:54pm Dec 30, 2009 EST

Your stuff is different and dark, like some of mine can be. I actually opened another ebay account a couple of weeks ago, with the intention of listing some of my prints. I have only bought things there, and I know that the fees are higher, so I imagine I will have to raise the prices a little bit. I have wondered if there's a place for me over there. I'm glad you're able to sell there. I'm not against it at all. I just wasn't sure people would be looking for what it is that I have.

Posted at 11:57pm Dec 30, 2009 EST

pamela770 says

You gotta find what works for you. Maybe do both but etsy less until etsy does something about this renewing mess.

Posted at 11:57pm Dec 30, 2009 EST

I've considered ebay lately. But if I do, I won't leave Etsy!!! We'll see.

Posted at 11:58pm Dec 30, 2009 EST

TJToubeaux says

I am getting in your corner. It seems like it's impossible to make an art sale here w/o marrying the computer.

I am still interested in what others have to say.

Posted at 11:59pm Dec 30, 2009 EST

With all respect, it sounds like you've answered your own question. Everyone is different and our success comes differently. Aside from enjoying the Etsy community, why *would* you sell on Etsy - -in other words, it must bring you something you don't already have else you'd not be considering it? If it's the community, support, exchange between sellers, etc., that, to me, is valuable and worth something.

Posted at 12:00am Dec 31, 2009 EST

TJToubeaux says

BTW, I LOVE your art! It's awesome!

Posted at 12:02am Dec 31, 2009 EST

I've sold on ebay for 5 yrs and am a powerseller. I never have to promote over there.

I get about 10% the sales here that I get there. I still don't promote or blog or twitter. The sales trickle in here. I'd likely get more if I promoted but I hate doing it.

I like both and will keep both but ebay is my bread and butter (not really, I have a full time job but between ebay and etsy, I get waaaayyy more sales over there for a lot less work)

Posted at 12:03am Dec 31, 2009 EST

vivianlove says

EBAY ETSY,just like one word

Posted at 12:03am Dec 31, 2009 EST