How do you create a split picture?

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Original Post

When browsing around, I've noticed that some people have a sort of split picture as a thumbnail for their items, where one half is a full length shot of the item and the other half features a closeup.

I rather like this style of picture, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to do this.


Posted at 2:33 am Jan 3, 2010 EST


quirke says

You have to construct one jpg file out of two photos with a photo imaging program such as Photoshop. So it's still uploaded as one photo, not two (it's not an Etsy function, it's something the seller must do on their own).

Posted at 3:05 am Jan 3, 2010 EST

shalana says

also, some cameras allow you to do a split image when taking the photos. It is a settings feature on some digital cameras. I would prefer to use photoshop though and just do it myself so that there is more control.

Posted at 3:17 am Jan 3, 2010 EST

you can use free software like to make collages of your photos, like the last photo in this listing
from my other shop.

Posted at 3:42 am Jan 3, 2010 EST

Thanks HepCatClothes for asking the question it's something I've been trying to do.

Thanks also to CraftMadness I've just started to use picnik to improve my pictures but was not aware that I could make collages, I guess I've still got a lot to learn.

Happy New Year to you all

Posted at 4:58 am Jan 3, 2010 EST

SzetoBaby says

My Mac has a program called ImageBrowser that I always use along with the snapshot function on the Mac plus PhotoBucket is FREE :o) They allow you to play with your pictures like crazy too! Then I just snapshot what I did there to save to my desktop and piece them together as a collage. It takes a LOT of time to do all this stuff but good pics helps your sell, sell, sell (so I've heard)... :o)

Posted at 5:11 am Jan 3, 2010 EST

Lady80 says

LOVE this info..thanks.

Posted at 5:38 am Jan 3, 2010 EST

MinceCo says

in photoshop, open both your pics, edit the canvas size on one, double the canvas size. select the other picture, copy and paste it next to the other image. done.
yes this is simplified but it's the basics.

Posted at 6:30 am Jan 3, 2010 EST

Thanks CraftMadness and MinceCo for the info. I'll give both of those a try and see which is easiest for me. I sell clothes, and I'm always torn between using a thumbnail with a closeup to show off interesting prints on the fabric or doing a full length to show off the style of the garment. I'm hoping using a split photo will give me the best of both worlds. :-)

Posted at 6:59 am Jan 3, 2010 EST

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