ETC - Etsy Texas Crafters - January Chat Thread

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Original Post

Welcome to the Etsy Texas Crafters January Chat Thread!

Sorry this is so late being posted but Cheri/itsmecheri who usually posts this is no longer a member of the membership team as her fulltime job takes up all the spare time she used to have.

Hope you all had a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May this year be a wonderful, prosperous year.

Etsy Texas Crafters is a team for Texans and Texans-at-Heart, who sell, buy, and hang out on Etsy! And this is the thread for team members curious passerby to stop and chat about Etsy, crafting, or whatever else happens to come up!

Want to know what we're making? Search with our team tag - TeamEtsyTX! Search under "all items"- we've got a big range of creators, suppliers, and pretty near everything else!

Want to learn more about our team? Check out our website at

Want to talk about crafting, Etsy, Texas, or whatever else may cross your mind? This is the place!

Posted by Marilyn/GrandmaMarilyns--ETC Leadership Team

Posted at 5:39pm Jan 3, 2010 EST


Ok, everyone, I changed the thread for us and closed December's thread. I now know how to do it so I can change it every month if I remember.

Posted at 5:43pm Jan 3, 2010 EST

owlsay says

Just popping in to say hello and Happy New Year!

Beautiful bracelets Marilyn!

Posted at 6:50pm Jan 3, 2010 EST

Thanks for the new thread Marilyn! The new items are great and hope they will sell sometime soon for you.

Posted at 6:50pm Jan 3, 2010 EST

Thank you, owl and Brenda.

Still have some other items I found to list but need to do some measurements first.

Posted at 6:54pm Jan 3, 2010 EST

sosaje says

marking for the new year ... still first page?! wow! :-)

Posted at 8:31pm Jan 3, 2010 EST

Marilyn, I especially like your bead work. Thanks for opening up the new thread. Happy belated New Year everyone.

Posted at 9:14pm Jan 3, 2010 EST

GrandmaMarilyn - thanks for the new thread!
Your new items are beautiful and I know they will not last long in your shop!!

I've got a couple of new listings too.

Happy New Year everybody!


Posted at 10:02pm Jan 3, 2010 EST

owlsay says

Hey Corky - what kind of glue do you use on your cork wreaths? I'm in search of some super strong glue (better than super glue) to attach magnets.

Beautiful wreaths, btw.

Anyone else have any glue suggestions? I've heard E6000 is good - anyone else use it??

Posted at 10:22pm Jan 3, 2010 EST