Etsy Top 10 (1.6.10)

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Original Post

My Top 10 picks for the Lunch Time Shoppers starts at 12pm !!Wednesday!! over on my Twitter channel.

65 weeks.... 650 shops featured, 116,089+ views, and over 73 direct sales that I know of! I just want to thank everyone that takes part in the Top 10.. I look forward every week to looking through all the Etsy shops and picking my Faves!

There are over 95,000+ people following my Twitter channels..
The Etsy Top 10 is now being posted on my fan page: (1990+ fans)and on the Handmade Top 10 fan page: (1200+fans)
**If you would like some exposure for your Etsy shop .... POST YOUR SHOP HERE IN THIS THREAD.....

AND leave a comment on the Top 10 post for last week!
Tell me your favorite from last week!!!!!!!!!

*You must post in both places to have your shop considered!

Last weeks List received so far over 1867+ views and 2 sales !!!

These stats are all tracked at

I will be picking the 10 shops to feature during the 12pm lunch hour ON Tuesday !!!!!

Thanks and good luck


P.S. If you have been featured... don't forget to grab your Etsy Top 10 badge for your blog!!!

** brought to you this week by the Show Off You Jewelry Tree Giveaway:

Posted at 10:59pm Jan 4, 2010 EST


heres my best seller :)

Posted at 11:00pm Jan 4, 2010 EST

Saralibbey says

Hey Tim! Hope the holidays were good to you and your family.

going to check out those top ten!

Posted at 11:00pm Jan 4, 2010 EST

and i cant leave a comment in last weeks top 10 x_x

Posted at 11:01pm Jan 4, 2010 EST

Hi Tim!
Thanks for hosting this Top 10!
Great promotion!

Posted at 11:02pm Jan 4, 2010 EST

Saralibbey said:
Hey Tim! Hope the holidays were good to you and your family.

going to check out those top ten!

hey Sara... your shop is looking great!!!

Posted at 11:07pm Jan 4, 2010 EST

apvintage says

Great idea! Love the turtle taxi and the felt drinks. And I'd love to be featured:

Amy P.

Posted at 11:13pm Jan 4, 2010 EST

Zwilling says

Check out my shop! Some new items coming up in a couple days!

Posted at 11:13pm Jan 4, 2010 EST

maddyandme says

hey tim -
thanks for giving us all this opportunity. loving your weekly top ten, some really great stuff!

Posted at 11:16pm Jan 4, 2010 EST