Largest size box that will fit in usps blue collection box?

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Original Post

Does anyone know the largest size box that you can get to fit into a standard blue usps collection box? You'd think that info would be readily available but I can't find it anywhere.

Posted at 10:20am Jan 6, 2010 EST


The sizes are on the link at

Posted at 10:22am Jan 6, 2010 EST

Posted at 10:23am Jan 6, 2010 EST

You mean to drop off into the box on the corner??

Posted at 10:23am Jan 6, 2010 EST

Yes, the drop box on the corner. I can't find the info at the usps site, they give weight but not the actual physical size that will fit through the opening.

Posted at 10:24am Jan 6, 2010 EST

I guess if it fits, it should be able to go. I know you can't get a very lare box in ther due to the way the opening is made!!

Posted at 10:26am Jan 6, 2010 EST

In my experience the only box that fits is the small flat rate box. The others no matter how I turn them, do not fit. They may go part way in, but they will not fit completely.

Posted at 10:29am Jan 6, 2010 EST

Yes, the question is, will it fit! I'd prefer not to have to trudge down to the corner in the freezing cold to find out.

Posted at 10:29am Jan 6, 2010 EST

i dont think it would be the same for all boxes. some have that angled slot they stuff slides right down, some have the door. so each of them may not fit the same size

Posted at 10:31am Jan 6, 2010 EST