Apparently I shouldn't be allowed to have my hair how I want...

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Original Post

mathaowny says

...because it means I'm stealing someone else's culture and shoving it in their face.

Haha wow. This guy is a little crazy, no? Since when did certain hairstyles become off-limits for certain people? Just because one group had the style first doesn't mean the rest of us shouldn't wear it if we like.

I don't think the writer understands the bigger picture of what he's proposing, or what the implications of limiting certain groups to certain appearances because of their skin color would mean.

(And this was all from me searching 'things to do with short mohawks' since the braiding thing is still probably a bit far off :)

Posted at 5:36pm Jan 6, 2010 EST


wow, that guy is crazy! I personally think dreads are great, no matter what your race is...

Posted at 5:40pm Jan 6, 2010 EST

mathaowny says

I think it's people like these that most poorly represent the fight against racism. They go off on tangents that fail to make sense, and end up making people angry because they're not fighting anything that makes sense, then we all look stupider for it.

I also like dreadlocks. I totally support anyone from any race or culture changing their hair and appearance to how they feel most comfortable. People shouldn't be told to stay within the limits of their culture on how they want to look.

Posted at 5:45pm Jan 6, 2010 EST

wow, that is very interesting and yes a little crazy....I am speechless at that. nice read though very ignorant on his part too

Posted at 5:48pm Jan 6, 2010 EST

mathaowny says

The comments are interesting. Some of them outright agree, putting no reason except they don't like dreadlocks, but a large group of them go into lenghy discussions about the origin of those hairstyles and such. I'm glad that most people don't agree with him. He sounds like a confused kid trying to find a place.

Posted at 5:52pm Jan 6, 2010 EST

crochetgal says

Wow! Does that mean that because I'm over 30 I can't sport the pink, green and purple stripes in my hair any more?

I'm going to cry!

Posted at 5:52pm Jan 6, 2010 EST

moonstr says

ye lots of people are like that.. its sad.
my bf has dreads well the use to be down to his ankles.
i cut them so he won't have ass flat parts.
and anytime we are in public. rastas always have to say something to him. and to get back at them i use to do open mike with a song called "i ain't no rastafarian bIITCH"
it pissed them off.

and when ever i shaved my head i always got called skitch
or strait edge bitch. its weird. and very ughs all around.

Posted at 5:52pm Jan 6, 2010 EST

Wow, what a moron.

Posted at 5:56pm Jan 6, 2010 EST

stupid, i think dreads are ugly but i'm not going to say "you are not black so you can't have dreads" get what ever fucking hair cut you want

Posted at 5:58pm Jan 6, 2010 EST

hollygems says

I can kind of see his point in the article, but doesn't exclusion further the racist thought pattern? It's like saying women of color have no right to straighten their hair or anyone not of scandanavian heritage has no right to dye their hair blonde.

Posted at 6:03pm Jan 6, 2010 EST