Where to buy small shipping boxes???

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Original Post

I have had a terrible time finding small shipping boxes! I have been to all the office supplies stores in my area and yes... even walmart! I was wondering if anyone knew a place online that has good prices and small boxes. I sell hair bows and I don't want them to get smashed during shipping. It looks really silly shipping 1 set of bows in a box that is too big.

Posted at 3:38pm Jan 7, 2010 EST


www.uline.com has some really inexpensive small boxes.

Posted at 3:40pm Jan 7, 2010 EST

uline.com generally has a pretty good selection of shipping supplies

Posted at 3:41pm Jan 7, 2010 EST

WireGirl says

in a small shipping store (ka-ching)

Posted at 3:42pm Jan 7, 2010 EST

I buy mine from www.papermart.com.

Posted at 3:43pm Jan 7, 2010 EST

I also recommend Uline.com. They have great prices and very good quality.

Posted at 3:43pm Jan 7, 2010 EST

abdesigns says


I use the white indestructo boxes that come in many, many sizes.


I pay anywhere from .21 to .32 per box for the two sizes I use.

Posted at 3:44pm Jan 7, 2010 EST

I recommend U-Line too!

Posted at 3:45pm Jan 7, 2010 EST