wire wrapping from the first time

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Original Post

BluLucille says

I'm fixing to start a new pair of earrings and I want to try my hand at wire wrapping since I got some crafting wires, 22ga and 24ga round half hard. I want to wrap the top of a teardrop briolette bead that's top drilled.

First, are those wires good for wrapping? IE- should I use square, or half hard, or dead soft, etc. What are some inexpensive but effective wire choices for first timers?

Second, where do I start? Do I start from the bottom up, like put the wire end in the bead hole then wrap up and make the loop? Or do I start at the top and make a loop first then work my way down?

Third, how do I make a loop?

Fourth, how to I finish it? Where do I tuck the cut wire end when I'm done without it being noticeable?

I know this is a big, very general question to ask on the forums but I figured I'd ask the crafting experts instead of searching the internet.

Also if you know of any good books, or video and tutorial links from a reptutable and experienced wrapper that YOU'VE used and learned from that would be very helpful.

Posted at 5:14 pm Jan 7, 2010 EST


www.wire-sculpture.com has great videos showing how to do that :) and its free :) best of luck

Posted at 5:22 pm Jan 7, 2010 EST

This was one of the best websites I've found for info on jewelry techniques, including wire wrapping.


I'm just getting into it myself. But if you're just looking to make wrapped loops for briolettes or to link stones together in a necklace, half-hard wire might be difficult to work with. Especially if this is your first time. I would get some dead soft wire to start with. 22 or 24 gauge would be easiest to work with and should be strong enough unless your beads/stones are reallly heavy. Get some nickle or brass wire to practice with. Its cheaper!

Also, Fire Mountain Gems www.firemountaingems.com is a really good site for supplies and info on beading and has video tutorials too.

Posted at 5:25 pm Jan 7, 2010 EST

BluLucille says

Thanks! But I thought that dead soft wire was well, DEAD SOFT. I can already bend the half hard wire with my fingers easily and don't want it to be too flimsy or bend if a customer picks it up or touches it. I just want to create a wire wrapped loop and wrap it a little ways down. Just the top of the bead.

Posted at 5:29 pm Jan 7, 2010 EST

Another great place to find instructions, both free and pay for is www.jewelrylessons.com There are hundreds of tutorials for beading and wire work.

Posted at 5:36 pm Jan 7, 2010 EST

BluLucille says

girlybead I couldn't find anything about wire wrapping an actual bead on that link.
I'll check out that link Creations.
Thanks guys!

Posted at 5:40 pm Jan 7, 2010 EST


This page has all the wire wrapping techniques including making loops, wrapping with a head pin, briolette wraps, etc.

Posted at 5:46 pm Jan 7, 2010 EST

Here is a link to a great tutorial for wire wrapping briolettes. It's on the Starving Jewelry Artists forum. I'm not sure if you need to be a member to access it or not, but it's really easy to sign up and we are a fab community. :)


I always use DS wire for wrapping. For that type of wrap, you use round wire. As to the gauge, not only will the weight of the stones guide you, but also the size of the holes. I often use 24 ga, but for some stones the holes are too small, so I use 28 ga.

Here's a pair of earrings I made using 24 ga.

Here's a pair made with 28 ga.

Posted at 5:47 pm Jan 7, 2010 EST

BluLucille says

girlygirlbead says:

This page has all the wire wrapping techniques including making loops, wrapping with a head pin, briolette wraps, etc.
Yes that's where I looked and expected to find how to wrap a bead but what I'm looking for isn't there. It's a good link for making your own wire findings.

Beautiful earrings northerngirl! That's what I'm wanting to do except with a fully round teardrop. I pretty much want to know how to do that and where to start, beadhole or loop? I'll check out the website and see if I can find one...

Posted at 5:54 pm Jan 7, 2010 EST

Wire will get harder the more you play with it - this is called work hardening. Some projects are best done with dead soft wire and some with half hard. If you are just starting out and don't want to invest in a lot of different wires to have on hand, dead soft is the way to go as you can always work it a bit to make it stiffer if needed.

I have also had good luck looking for jewelry tutorials on YouTube. I haven't looked specifically for wire wrap projects, but I'm sure they're out there.

I have taken several wire wrapping classes from a wire jewelry artist at a local bead shop, and have found the in person teaching to be really helpful because I could ask questions on the spot. Maybe there are classes like that near you.

Posted at 5:56 pm Jan 7, 2010 EST

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