What is the most expensive country to ship to from the USA?

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Original Post

I want to add first class shipping to "everywhere else" in my store. Anybody know which country is the most expensive to ship to?

Posted at 1:13 am Jan 9, 2010 EST


depends on the weight, the size of the box, etc

Posted at 1:14 am Jan 9, 2010 EST

I have been told that if you calculate shipping to Australia or the UK, you will be quoted the highest price. You may also want to visit usps.gov, click Calculate Postage, and then just randomly choose a bunch of different countries to see if I'm right. Certain countries don't allow certain materials in, though. So, it is best to check up on that sort of thing before going Everywhere. For instance, fabric shipped to Italy will be stopped at customs, and your customers will want a refund when they don't get their packages.

Posted at 1:16 am Jan 9, 2010 EST

^^That's a good point. I want to make sure that people can order fabric from me in all the countries that allow it, but I can't find a list of countries that don't allow it. I guess I'll just have to check each one as people order stuff before shipping.

Posted at 1:28 am Jan 9, 2010 EST

I usually pay a fair bit for postage for items in the US and im located in Australia.
If im ordering from Europe its even worse.

Not sure if that helps at all :)

Posted at 1:42 am Jan 9, 2010 EST

Where in Europe is it worse than Australia?

Posted at 1:48 am Jan 9, 2010 EST

Mindielee says

In Europe, I've found Germany to be high, and in the middle east, Israel, so I've adjusted my shipping policies accordingly. If you're unsure, you can put a higher number than you think it might be but in your description put something like "I'll refund any shipping difference over $1."

Posted at 1:53 am Jan 9, 2010 EST

it's also amazing the difference between first class and any-other-method.

first class to australia is around $4 for my items. priority is something like $27 for the same package. and there's no in between. if i want delivery confirmation or insurance or ANYTHING extra, it can't be sent first class, it has to be sent registered and that's the $30ish again. it's crazy.

Posted at 2:01 am Jan 9, 2010 EST

Mindielee says

I agree with metalsmitten ... my comments above just relate to First Class International mail.

Posted at 2:03 am Jan 9, 2010 EST

From my experience thus far, it has been the UK. I have shipped to Australia, all over Europe, Canada, the far East, the Middle East and the UK has always been the highest.

Posted at 2:32 am Jan 9, 2010 EST

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