Food coloring as soap dye?? All Soapers - help needed!!

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Original Post

BathEssentials avatar
BathEssentials says

Someone told me from here that I can dye my soap using food coloring. Is this true? Or would it dye your skin? Thans!!

Posted at 3:38am Jan 9, 2010 EST


crochetgal avatar
crochetgal says

I don't think you would have a problem using food colouring in your soaps.

I've used grape skins, various plants, etc to colour my soaps without any ill effects.

But I would try a small batch first, just in case!

Posted at 4:04am Jan 9, 2010 EST

BathEssentials avatar
BathEssentials says

Thanks crochetgal! I was wondering if anyone would respond or if I was putting out some big secret that I didn't even know

Posted at 4:06am Jan 9, 2010 EST

while it would be "safe" to use food colourings in soap in that they wont harm the skin, i think they are more likely to stain the skin rather than clean it

As a baker, i get food colouring on my hands frequently and it can be difficult to remove

but this is from a bker's point of view, not a soap-maker's. Maybe someone with experience of soap has some tips

Posted at 4:48am Jan 9, 2010 EST

crochetgal avatar
crochetgal says

You've got to remember that a lot of the colourings and fragrances that are used in soapmaking are affected by the lye in the soap as well.

So you definately would want to try a small batch to see what happens. I do know that teas and coffees will work very well as soap colourants and they have a wonderful fragrance as well.

Posted at 5:16am Jan 9, 2010 EST

BathEssentials avatar
BathEssentials says

I use melt and pour soaps is thier a difference with how the color will affect the soap?

Posted at 5:32am Jan 9, 2010 EST

I agree with others that food colouring is not likely to "harm" you as such - but it would be the staining that would worry me. How would you respond to a customer whose towels, face cloths or, even worse, brand new shiny white bath had suddenly gone pink!

Posted at 7:55am Jan 9, 2010 EST

SudsNSuch says

I wouldn't use it unless you're only making it for yourself. I'd also be concerned about staining someone's skin, tub, etc.

Posted at 8:30am Jan 9, 2010 EST

Nadine Moore avatar
southernvtsoap says

This topic was recently brought up in another forum, and I think the consensus was the food coloring was safe to use, didn't stain when used in small quantities, but some of the colors do morph in CP soap. Red stayed true, as did yellow, but blue turned purple. Not sure about green. I don't know about M&P soap - I don't remember it mentioned.

Posted at 8:39am Jan 9, 2010 EST

sosqueakyclean avatar
sosqueakyclean says

I actually tested this theory on my offspring tester who could care less if she turned purple --actually she thought that'd be very cool haha-- Im kidding. I tested it on myself in a small batch of bath bombs. Used in small quantities, the food coloring stained nothing. However, in selling to the general public I'd rather be safe than sorry and use skin safe colorant.

Posted at 9:19am Jan 9, 2010 EST