Fundraising shop for Haiti?

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Time to re-post againReposting for Victoria

exlibrishandmade says:
Here's a recap of what has happened so far:

1. A shop has been set up to be ready when all the pieces are in place. It is --go ahead and give it a heart!

2. All proceeds, less Etsy and PayPal fees, will be given to Doctors Without Borders. I have spoken with a representative and gained their consent (and thanks!) to open up shop. I’m working on opening a dedicated PayPal account to handle this money. Any suggestions on the best way to do this are very welcome!

3. If you would like to be contacted when we're ready for donations of items to sell in the shop send an email to etsyforhaiti(at)gmail(dot)com

Roughly, this will mean emailing the wording of a listing along with some pictures to me and/or whoever may be able to help run the shop. The item will be listed and once sold the shop that donated the item will receive shipping info. All money, after Etsy and PayPal fees will be given to the chosen organization.

PLEASE NOTE: All sellers who donate will be asked to cover worldwide shipping.

4. A blog is in the works at Thanks DimmalimmHome!

5. I have sent messages to the organizer of the bushfire appeal charitable shop, the HOST shop, and to Etsy admin. I hope to hear back soon for some advice on how to proceed!

6. An avatar and banner are in the works for the shop--thanks KisforCalligraphy and beckyrose!


So many of you have offered to help with setting up the shop in addition to donating and I am so thankful for that! I may have a lot of heart to give but some of my more technical skills are seriously lacking so I can definitely use the help.

Here are some specific things I could use a hand with:

1. Accounting--Those scary, scary numbers. Especially with those terrifying dollar signs attached....Is there an accountant or an accounts-savvy Etsian who may be able to help with this end of things? Anyone know how to get started with this? Or what my responsibilities as shopkeep might be?

2. Promoting--I don't know how long it will be before we're operational but once we are I hope you will all help me to spread the word! Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc....

3. I would love to have one of those live buttons that people can add to their blogs. Does anyone know how to do this?

4. I will most certainly need help running the shop, certainly with listing items. We all know how to do that, right?

:I'm sure you guys have loads more ideas and skills that could help the effort. Anything you can offer would be greatly appreciated!

Many, many thanks!
♥Victoria , for OP:

Posted at 9:52pm Jan 14, 2010 EST

whatoncewas--TY for your offer!!! You can also send an email as directed in #3 above. :~)

Posted at 9:53pm Jan 14, 2010 EST

amyjoavnet says

I would also love to participate. I hope Etsy makes the information on how to do that easy to track down without having to follow all the posts here. Though I can imagine a MASSIVE level of participation!

Posted at 10:04pm Jan 14, 2010 EST

Count me in. Just now I was wondering what we could do and I found this thread. Great!

Posted at 10:08pm Jan 14, 2010 EST

Thanks for keeping us up-to-date, treasurehuntvintage! Just one little question, what does OP mean? As in:

Many, many thanks!
♥Victoria , for OP:

I'm so out of the loop.

Posted at 10:08pm Jan 14, 2010 EST

beckyrose says

In addition to pictures and item description it is also important to have people provide the price of the item and tags. Maybe ask for 13 tags so that we can use heartsforhaiti as the 14th tag.

Posted at 10:11pm Jan 14, 2010 EST

OP = Original Poster (the one who started the thread).

Posted at 10:12pm Jan 14, 2010 EST

amyjoavnet says:
I would also love to participate. I hope Etsy makes the information on how to do that easy to track down without having to follow all the posts here. Though I can imagine a MASSIVE level of participation!


Hi! Thanks for your desire to participate!!! Etsy is not involved in this effort at all--it's just a group of volunteer sellers. Instructions are posted every 2-3 pages, so I hope you will check back!! :~)

Posted at 10:12pm Jan 14, 2010 EST

Thanks DBL---beat me to the OP explanation. LOL!!

In this instance, OP's given name is Victoria. :~)

Posted at 10:13pm Jan 14, 2010 EST

pinkpoppy -- it stands for Originl poster, or original post (depending on the context. You will find there are a lot of acronyms and slang on the interwebs, and some here are specific to Etsy - we make it up as we go along!

So have a good read:

Posted at 10:14pm Jan 14, 2010 EST