How Do Buyers Choose From Etsy, Ebay, Zibbet, Artfire....etc ?

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Original Post

lowusu says

Quite a few shops, I think, sell the same items on different venues (myself included) so how do buyers choose where they buy from? What would make a buyer purchase from my Zibbet shop rather than my Etsy shop if I'm promoting/advertising them both in exactly the same way?

What are your thoughts?

Posted at 1:05pm Jan 15, 2010 EST


If you hear only of etsy and someone mentions they have a sale on etsy and random place B, where would you go? Its that simple. People go places that they know better and therefore feel more comfortable in.

Posted at 1:08pm Jan 15, 2010 EST

I think Etsy is just better known by the general public than Artfire or Zibbet. We get more people, so there are more sales going on. If I'm buying something, I generally look at Etsy first because there are more sellers and more options to look at.


Posted at 1:09pm Jan 15, 2010 EST

lowusu says

PlushWithAttitude - fair enough point but what if the buyer is new and hasn't bought from any of the handmade venues before so doesn't have a most comfortable venue?

Posted at 1:11pm Jan 15, 2010 EST

A lot of people find shops through google searches. So, whichever shop shows up first would be the one they buy from. If your Artfire shop shows up first, that's where they'll go. They might not be aware that you even have another site.

Posted at 1:26pm Jan 15, 2010 EST

evietees says

i honestly check here first.

Posted at 2:18pm Jan 15, 2010 EST

well i just found out about zibbet today. i'm frightened by the way they pay sellers though. they won't pay you until a buyer marks their transaction received. if the buyer doesn't reply they will give you the money after 3 weeks. if the buyer just lies and says they didn't get it would you never get your money? sounds way too shady to me. so if i wouldn't sell there i wouldn't buy there. i <3 etsy.

Posted at 4:37pm Feb 21, 2010 EST

okay i didn't read that closely enough. it's only for items over $5000.

Posted at 4:40pm Feb 21, 2010 EST

sparks5478 says


I found Etsy through a friend and began buying here before I heard about other similar sites. I've since checked them out, but I still prefer buying on Etsy and if I find a vendor I like elsewhere, I always check to see if they sell on Etsy as well. If they do, I'll buy here. (I have yet to make a purchase in a non-Etsy shop if the seller has one.0

Overall, I just find Etsy to be well-organized with a easy-to-navigate UI and a clean, uncluttered aesthetic that gives it a friendly appeal. I'm not opposed to shopping elsewhere, I just haven't found a need to yet.

And Etsy's wealth of talent and range of choices simply can't be found anywhere else right now.

Posted at 4:46pm Feb 21, 2010 EST

Etsy is more well known, and has been around longer. The others are gaining ground though. I'm on all but Ebay...I left there and will never go back.

Posted at 4:50pm Feb 21, 2010 EST