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Original Post

I just did!
It would be great if every blogger out there could mention this wonderful shop full of Etsy seller's donated items. All proceeds will be going directly to Doctors Without Borders for Haiti Relief.
What are you waiting for? This is a wonderful thing!!

Don't blog? How about an item donation, or consider making a purchase...

Posted at 6:59pm Jan 16, 2010 EST


Check this thread for info on donating items:

Posted at 7:01pm Jan 16, 2010 EST

Here's my blog about this; show me yours!

Posted at 7:06pm Jan 16, 2010 EST

Great idea! I've been neglecting my blog, but I will go make a post about the shop!


Posted at 7:10pm Jan 16, 2010 EST

jbguess says

You have a great blog, 2littlebirds!

Here's my blogpost about Hearts For Haiti.

Posted at 7:11pm Jan 16, 2010 EST

Great! Anyone else out there??

Posted at 7:12pm Jan 16, 2010 EST

jb: Awesome blog post, and so sorry you had to deal with Hurricane Katrina, I just can't imagine that.

Posted at 7:16pm Jan 16, 2010 EST

where are the bloggers?

Posted at 7:18pm Jan 16, 2010 EST

I'm trying to decide what images to use on my blog post...

Posted at 7:21pm Jan 16, 2010 EST

jbguess says

Guess everybody's having a busy Saturday! Hope they'll stop by at some point.

Posted at 7:21pm Jan 16, 2010 EST