Butane Soldering Torch for soldering jewelry

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Original Post

Trillo says

Which brand & model do you like best for soldering jewelry? Your Reasons? What is the maximum degree of heat for your recommendation? I want to replace my propane tanks with something smaller and am leaning towards buying one of these. Any suggestions are most welcome, including negatives. Thanks very much!

Posted at 9:41am Jan 20, 2010 EST


If you are from the Uk try cooksons for a small butane torch.Its nice and small gives a good flame which is easy to increase or decrease , I use it for most soldering jobs except bangles.

Posted at 9:45am Jan 20, 2010 EST

Trillo says

LMJewelleryDesign - I'm in USA, but thanks for your suggestion. I'm wondering why can't you the use it for bangles?

Posted at 9:59am Jan 20, 2010 EST

Trillo says

Anyone else please?

Posted at 9:59am Jan 20, 2010 EST

For small soldering projects, you want a self igniting PT 200 torch. Solder It, Lenk and Blazer are all good brands. Here are a couple listed on Amazon:



For larger projects, you may want an LPT-500 torch. Or you can use two torches.

These tutorials may help get you started using a butane torch to solder:



and do not forget the pickle:



Posted at 10:40am Jan 20, 2010 EST

As a general rule, butane torches don't get hot enough to solder bangles.

Posted at 11:54am Jan 20, 2010 EST


geltdesigns, your tips and info always apprectiated.

Posted at 12:08pm Jan 20, 2010 EST

I have a small butane torch (I think Black & Decker) that is great for soldering small jobs like ring bands, bales, bezel walls, etc. However, it doesn't get hot enough to do larger jobs such as sweat soldering, bracelets, or larger bezels.

Posted at 12:45pm Jan 20, 2010 EST

Trillo says

geltdesigns, Thank you very much for all your suggestions and info. I'm viewing the videos now and am learning lots!

Posted at 2:44pm Jan 20, 2010 EST