★ ★ Join the great Etsy TREASURE HUNT! Win the grand prize!! ★ ★

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Original Post

Anyone can play! All you need to do is follow the trail of clues and riddles sprinkled throughout Etsy. There are 13 clues out there in the item descriptions of various shops, each one leading you closer to the awesome secret grand prize.....up to the challenge?

Here is how it works:

I will give you the starting clue here, This first clue/riddle will lead you to an item in the very first shop. Hidden in the description of that item you will find the next clue and so on. Participants will need to use the Etsy search to find the items. I have tried to include important key words or shop names in the clues. Be warned, the clues will gradually get harder as they get closer to the prize!

For example, say I give a clue- “Look for the tee, with the little green pea”. You might do an Etsy search for “green pea t-shirt” and browse the shops there looking for a t-shirt with a pea or peapod. (If a gazillion shops come up, try a different combo of keywords. It shouldn't be that hard once you find the best keyword combo.)

If you get really stumped you can convo me (ONLY once!) and I will offer you a single hint. Once you find all the clues, you MUST convo me the link to the 13 items along with the grand prize item. Do not post it in the thread!

The first to convo me with all links, including the grand prize, will win!!! Can’t find them all? Convo me what you found anyway! Those who convo me will be offered special discount codes to some of the participating shops.

Summary-→What you need to do:

1.Post here to let me know you are joining the hunt. And feel free to ask questions here in the forum thread and help bump this up when you can!

2.Follow the clues!

3.Once you make it to the grand prize (you will know!) convo me with the links to all items and clues. First to do this wins!


Your first clue:
Curlypearl’s shop you must travel, for the very next clue to unravel.
Find the sweet lilac wings, to organize your earrings!


The hunt will end when someone locates all the items!!! Happy Hunting!

Posted at 8:45pm Jan 20, 2010 EST


Anyone going to play tonight? Post here to say hello first, then get hunting!

Posted at 8:50pm Jan 20, 2010 EST

Don't be shy! It seems like a lot of info, but all you need to do is follow the clues.....

Posted at 8:56pm Jan 20, 2010 EST

...then when you have found them all, convo me!

Posted at 8:59pm Jan 20, 2010 EST

This is fun...I swear! :)

Posted at 9:08pm Jan 20, 2010 EST

♫ (Whistling) ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫

Posted at 9:19pm Jan 20, 2010 EST

Sure is busy in the forums tonight!

Posted at 9:23pm Jan 20, 2010 EST

clue 7 has me stumped!

Posted at 9:25pm Jan 20, 2010 EST

Got your convo. Writing you now!

Posted at 9:27pm Jan 20, 2010 EST

Just convo'd you. Anyone else want to play? People are dangerously close to winning already!

Posted at 9:30pm Jan 20, 2010 EST