Now Recruiting 4 New Street Team ~ The Etsy Goodie Goodies aka The Egg Team

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Original Post

Hi there,

Do you like to have fun?

Do you like to chat?

Are you a person who isn't afraid to come and post on the forums?

Can you keep up with more than one thread (one for chatting one for promoting)?

Do you like to do good deeds?

Do you like to help other people?

Do you like to donate to charities or just people in general (not just $ but anything that can help someone)?

Do you believe in supporting each other?

Like promoting/advertising your shop and others?

How about participating and/or doing giveaways?

Do you like blogs?

How about being or featuring people/businesses/items on blogs?

Do you like to write articles/stories/poems?

Do you believe in teamwork and friendships?

Do you like activities like swaps/exchanges, contests/challenges and things of that nature?

If you said yes to these questions then you should consider becoming part of this new etsy street team.

It will be called The Etsy Goodie Goodies Team or The Egg Team ;0) lol cute huh? lol

The team will be about having fun and making friends as well as supporting each other and helping to promote each other's shop and items....but there is an other aspect to this team and that is the good deeds part....this team will also be about helping people on and off etsy (when and where possible of course).

I will have a bit more of an outline posted soon but if you are interested please post here and I will get back to you asap.

There will be a short questionaire to fill out once I have it set up. Once we have enough members signed up I will then contact etsy to make us an official team.

Please only post if you are truly interested in joining this new team.

Feel free to convo me with any questions.

Posted at 10:07pm Jan 20, 2010 EST


Good luck building your new team mel!

Posted at 10:23pm Jan 20, 2010 EST

thanks, it's not going to be easy but I'm going to try my best :0)

Posted at 10:37pm Jan 20, 2010 EST

ok so here is a bit of a run down on what to expect with this team.

for one the team will be run more or less with this format seen/talked about here

Here are some things to expect when you join this new team:

We will have a blog and do blog give aways

We will have different etsy sellers featured on the blog (interviewed)

We will have meetings and chats for the team - a team email address - a team private board (yahoo, google, proboards are choices right now)

We will keep a monthly thread for chatting only and one for promotion only...........any other special events may need a seperate thread as well.

There will be a monthly activity....prizes will be random if a prize applies to the activity...this will depend on what the team decides on for the prizes.

We will have a questionaire, welcome letter and membership guidelines for the team, nothing outragesous...we would also like to see member participation in the form of a roll call either a post on our private board or once a month posting to let us know what is going on in their lives/if they are ok.

There is a possibility that once a month, and ONLY once a month a donation of some kind (can be anything from supplies to a goodie bag), a team wide promotion can also be started if we need to raise money for other things, these are not that hard to do) will be made to someone/some place some where

Well this is basically it.....all of this is subject to change of course as we are just starting out.

Possible things for future of the team:

There may be the possibility of a shop - if so there will be a cap on how many items are listed at a time and when an item sells the next item on the "wait" list will takes it's place to fill in the cap. This makes it much easier to keep up with a shop.
The purpose of the shop if we have one will be to have funds for the team.......lots of other teams do this.....there members have items listed in the shop and those profits are used for team advertisings and promotions and anything else the team may need or want to use it for as long as it's team related.

Posted at 12:12am Jan 21, 2010 EST

ok well time for bed for me.

Posted at 2:08am Jan 21, 2010 EST

good morning and happy thursday everyone :0)

the sun is shining the birds are singing it sounds like it's going to be a great day!!

Posted at 11:30am Jan 21, 2010 EST

anyone around?

come on in, don't be shy, this is going to be a great team.

what makes a team great? It's Members of course!!!

come be part of it :0)

Posted at 1:45pm Jan 21, 2010 EST

another project done for the Valentine's swaps I'm in, yah!!

Posted at 3:20pm Jan 21, 2010 EST

I don't give up that easy, up and up

Posted at 8:37pm Jan 21, 2010 EST

what better way to start the new year then with a new team........come on in everyone is welcomed

Posted at 10:56pm Jan 21, 2010 EST