Introducing Craft Count: Etsy Top Sellers by Sales Count

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Original Post

mwendas says

I’m delighted to finally introduce you to Craft Count, a site tracking Etsy top sellers by sales count. The landing page features a summary with the top 10 sellers in the 3 main Etsy categories; Handmade, Vintage, Supplies and an additional list to capture the top 10 overall. Tab 2 and 3 portrays the sellers by Country and Category respectively. I’ve restricted the information to capture sellers with over 1000 sales and the top 100 in the sub-categories.

In tab 3, the shops are categorised into main and sub-categories from my own study of what the actual shop sells. I could be wrong. If you feel your shop is better represented in another category other than the one I have placed it in, drop me a line at and I will make the appropriate changes.

The site is updated once every 24 hours between 12 midnight and 4 am – Singapore time. I’ve also displayed clocks on the landing page portraying the different time zones around the world.

The numbers pulled here are purely for information purposes and are publicly available on Etsy. If your shop was on vacation mode anytime during the months of Sept to December 2009, your shop may not have been picked up for tracking. If you find your shop missing, drop me a line. Consequently if you feel strongly that you do not want your shop to be listed here, do drop me a line as well.

Granted gross and net income, revenue, customers, hearts, front page, etc all count as different measures of success for different Etsians. Craft count however uses only the sales count as a ranking measure and calls the sellers on the site ‘top sellers’ only by this measure.

Craft count actually started as a blog in mid 2009 where I would manually track the top sellers using my trusted excel spreadsheets. With the tremendous support I received there, I decided to make the blog more useful by creating a site that would utilise Etsy API to update the numbers automatically.

My rationale is simple. As a budding seller, I was eager to see who and what was selling well. I used the wiki to dig into individual shops to study what the top sellers were selling, how they described their products, how they took there pictures, etc. I used the wiki to draw motivation from as I was building my shop. We however all know the limitations of the wiki and so I decided to create a list I could personally track. It first started out with the Singapore country list and grew from there. Given the number of top seller queries in the forum, I eventually put this information on a blog knowing that others would be interested in viewing this information as well.

Please read more information here

I’ve attempted an FAQ here and I’ll be adding to it as I get more queries.

So here we are, whatever you use the lists for…as a measure of success, to gauge where you stand with others, to inspire and motivate you…I hope you find them useful.

Posted at 9:56am Jan 21, 2010 EST


I love your new site (I am listed in books and zines, that is why :):):)!!! I have always wanted the information you share so I cannot wait to hang out in the categories and see who is really doing great work and selling well! Thank you!

Posted at 10:02am Jan 21, 2010 EST

sweetirie says

Awesome!! Thank you so much! :)

Posted at 10:07am Jan 21, 2010 EST


I am glad you don't use those pop out adds!

Posted at 10:10am Jan 21, 2010 EST

Thanks! This will be a fun thing to play with.

Posted at 10:12am Jan 21, 2010 EST

Wow....A huge thank you!
Perhaps one day, I'll see my shop name there!

Posted at 10:12am Jan 21, 2010 EST

It was interesting to see that the overall top 10 were supply shops. :0)

Posted at 10:23am Jan 21, 2010 EST

pinpinn says

pretty spiffy, nice set up. Good to see Savor on there ^_~

Posted at 10:26am Jan 21, 2010 EST

looks great!

Posted at 10:27am Jan 21, 2010 EST

Great site! I will be sure to blog about it!

Posted at 10:27am Jan 21, 2010 EST