I wish there was a way to block someone from your shop

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Original Post

There is a seller that is copying things i make

I wish there was a way to block a certain user from seeing your shop

Posted at 11:25 pm Jan 23, 2010 EST


That would be nice, and a way to block sellers. I had one from hell last year, I would never sell to her again.

Posted at 11:27 pm Jan 23, 2010 EST

well, with a buyer, you can always cancel their order

Posted at 11:28 pm Jan 23, 2010 EST

i just had a couple things thati was the ONLY person on etsy making them, and this seller started making those things even though they had nothing in common with anything else she makes (she makes all the same sort of earrings -- except for the two items she copied from me and also 2 other things that are also in my shop, also nothing like the earrings she makes)

Posted at 11:30 pm Jan 23, 2010 EST

Aww that stinks, I hate it when people copy others.

Posted at 11:53 pm Jan 23, 2010 EST

That is the problem with being a designer, it is a world wide problem in fact and it has been happening for years.
I do not think you can stop it unless you copyright the idea, then at least you can threaten or sue them for copying your designs.

Posted at 12:37 am Jan 24, 2010 EST

okbuyer says

Man, do I agree with this topic

Posted at 12:39 am Jan 24, 2010 EST

I just too a look at your store front..actually I have seen your style in jewelry since the 1960's, great designers think alike and design in the same styles..I am in my 60's and remember the tree's from when my mom purchased items at gift stores in the 1950-1965..you may not have even been around then..

Posted at 12:40 am Jan 24, 2010 EST

smoobage says

yep just like feathers! when I started on here there were only 23 pages now there are 230 pages :/

Posted at 12:48 am Jan 24, 2010 EST

My gosh! They look beautiful, it will always be a problem..and really nothing we can do about it, but try the copyright idea..but it is probably a real pain in the neck keeping track..

Posted at 12:52 am Jan 24, 2010 EST

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