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Original Post

For those who have created an ad, how long did it take to be approved?

I finally sat down and created my ad this afternoon and set the time for it to run for the next week, and it still says "pending review"...which I believe is cutting into my advertising time.

Is this the norm?


Posted at 7:04pm Jan 24, 2010 EST


elgarbo says

Yes - it usually takes between 12 and 24 hours to be approved. Since you pay per click or view, you're not actually 'paying' while it's under review. But it is a normal part of the process.

Posted at 7:14pm Jan 24, 2010 EST

ahh, thanks elgarbo!

Posted at 7:18pm Jan 24, 2010 EST

elgarbo says

It can be frustrating waiting for it to come through, though! If I'm running a Facebook ad, I usually set it up before I go to bed and by the time I wake up it's good to go.

Posted at 7:19pm Jan 24, 2010 EST

lol. yes, I checked it about 3 times in an hour!

Posted at 7:20pm Jan 24, 2010 EST

I'm glad I found this thread :) It's been 12 hours now and still waiting.

What intrigues me though is that under the Campaigns&Ads tab, the ad has an "active" status.
But in the All Ads tab, the status of my ad is "pending"....

Posted at 12:10pm Feb 9, 2012 EST

Hattie says

Mine was approved within about 2 hours, but maybe I just got lucky!

Posted at 12:25pm Feb 9, 2012 EST

I haven't run one in a while, but it used to take just a few hours.

Posted at 12:35pm Feb 9, 2012 EST

uh oh-- well now I'm thinking something is going wrong. I've contacted FB (well I've filled the form and hopefully someone will get it :)
Thanks for the feeback though!

Posted at 1:05pm Feb 9, 2012 EST

Just in case someone is reading this thread-- my ad was approved 10 minutes ago :D

Posted at 2:54pm Feb 9, 2012 EST