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~*~** WINNERS **~*~

1st Place = FavorCakes.etsy.com, A Winter Wonderland FavorCake
Prize = Lanyard, earrings, & bracelet from TheIDConnection.etsy.com

2nd Place = Carapace.etsy.com, Winter Vintage Grape Vines Ornament
Prize = Earrings from TheSilverAcorn.etsy.com

3rd Place = WildMoon.etsy.com, Frost
Prize = Clutch from GabsBags.etsy.com

4th Place (*TIE*) = NatureInPastels.etsy.com, Winter Stream & Yarnabees.etsy.com, FrostyTheSnowman
Prizes = Scarf from Thistlecraft.etsy.com

5th Place = StitchesByJulie.etsy.com, Winter White Child's Hoodie Sweater
Prize = Badge Holder from TheIDConnection.etsy.com

6th Place = TheIDConnection.etsy.com, Oh Christmas Tree
Prize = Earrings from SerendipityRose.etsy.com

7th Place = EDCCollective.etsy.com, Sparkles Holiday Card
Prize = Fused Glass Pendant from MoltenGecko.etsy.com

8th Place (*TIE*) = ElephantDreams.etsy.com, Colorado White & Thistlecraft.etsy.com,Tickled Pink Scarf
Prizes = Journal from SurfBunny.etsy.com (aka, MoltenGecko)

Congratulations to all of our winners!!!

This is the first month that a person has had 2 entries win a prize -- NatureInPastels & StitchesByJulie is the same person! Extra Congratulations, Julie!!!

This is also the first month that we had so many folks donating multiple prizes -- thanks bunches!!!! We had so many entries this month, it is incredibly wonderful to be able to reward so many of them -- 40 entries, 10 winners!

Total value of this month's prizes = $290!!!
Thanks so very much to our prize donors for their generous support of this project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A note has been sent to the team announcing the winners and their prizes and ribbons have been awarded on the Design Challenge page on our website ( etsytx.ning.com/page/december-january-design ). I will posting this information to our blog and our facebook group shortly.


♥ Milly / Thistlecraft
ETC Leadership Team Member

Posted at 1:04pm Jan 28, 2010 EST


3rd Place = WildMoonDesign.etsy.com, Frost
Prize = Clutch from GabsBags.etsy.com


Posted at 2:34pm Jan 28, 2010 EST

Congratulations to all the winners! Gorgeous entries and your talents singularly and collectively are awesome!

A special Thank You to Milly/Thistlecraft for taking such good care of us during this challenge! Hey Milly if you figure a way to bottle your energy could I be the first to buy some for myself? You go girl!

I offer my salute to all the Winter's Wonders Etsy Tx Crafters Challenge participants! This was a fun experience and a great way to see other's talents!

Hooray Etsy Tx Crafters!


Posted at 2:50pm Jan 28, 2010 EST

Carapace says

And Yeehaw! And various other noises of stunned excitement!
Thank you so much, everyone who donated prizes! And especially Silver Acorn. I'll convo you speedy-like!

I love the challenges!

Posted at 4:43pm Jan 28, 2010 EST