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Original Post

I stumbled upon this last night, anyone ever use it? If you have what are your thoughts on it?

Posted at 9:01pm Jan 25, 2010 EST


I do! It features ALL types of, handmade, you name it. I haven't had as much success on there as I have on Etsy but it is free and I have had several orders off of there. Actually, some of my biggest orders have come from there. I look at it as another venue! It is also very easy to list on, takes a little getting used to but once you do, it is a piece of cake.

Posted at 9:09pm Jan 25, 2010 EST


I was suspecting about that, which is totally fine with me. I'm thinking since my product isn't necessarily "handmade" it might do better at somewhere like that.

Posted at 9:19pm Jan 25, 2010 EST

Some days I tend to get more views on Ecrater than I do on Etsy. The one thing that I like about Ecrater is that it is pretty much self sufficient. There are no convo's, people just contact you through the email address that you provide for them. You never have to look at the site again except to view the addresses for your sold orders or add a new listing. You can only put one picture per listing but I haven't necessarily found that to be a bad thing on there. It accepts PayPal too so to me it is just a good, easy tool to use along with Etsy!

Posted at 9:27pm Jan 25, 2010 EST

Hmmm I was uploading 3 pics earlier. Maybe I did something bad!

Posted at 9:50pm Jan 25, 2010 EST

Wondering about it since I'm thinking of other places to sell my T-shirts.

Posted at 9:52pm Jan 25, 2010 EST


it's totally free, I think they take a tiny percentage IF you sell the item.

I'd try it out, I like it thus far

Posted at 10:06pm Jan 25, 2010 EST

I like eCrater- I've sold there and hope to expand my audience there this year. they take no fees at all.

Easy to upload and build a shop, but no real promotional tools. They do get decent traffic.

Posted at 10:20pm Jan 25, 2010 EST

deecee1 says

I found them a while back and was wanting to know about them too. Maybe I will try as well. Hopefully it will give me a bit of a boost.

Posted at 10:26pm Jan 25, 2010 EST

debhillart says

Is there a limit to listings?

Posted at 10:37pm Jan 25, 2010 EST