GIANT list of blog topics!!!

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Original Post

Hello Everyone,

For those that have a hard time blogging, or coming up with topics, or don't know what to write about, THIS IS FOR YOU!

I have created a GIANT GIANT list of blogging topics, so you will never run out of things to blog or twitter about again!

Here is a link to the article I wrote, and where I posted my blogging topic ideas! Feel free to follow me to see if I keep up with the creative blogging =)

Enjoy! Hope this helps!

GIANT list of blogging topics

etsy tips
how tos
tips and tricks
tip of the day
give aways
your latest creation
a custom order you made
a craft show you participated in
a craft show you went to
a link to a treasury you love
a link to a treasury you made
something you loved that was on the front page
something you loved that you found when pouncing etsy
sketches to new ideas
teach your readers how to draw something

healthy eating
healthier versions on otherwise unhealthy food
talk about your favorite food
favorite restaurant

money tips
how to save
how to be frugal
links to good deals online
links to sales

a funny lighthearted story about your kids
a story about your pet(s)
a story about your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/best friend
pictures of your child's artwork

work out videos you love and hate
a diet you are on

articles you read
current news
favorite tv show
books that are your favorite
books you read to your kids
you tube videos you have watched
your favorite song
a movie you watched that you LOVE
a movie you watched that you HATE
a movie you watched with your kids that made you laugh
a movie quote
a quote from a book
a website you love
blog for a cause

picture blog
of your workspace
something funny when you went out
what you had for dinner
your pets
your kids
a new creation

inspiration pictures of nature
inspiration pictures of architecture
inspiration photos of animals
inspiration photos from the news
inspiration photos when just looking at google images
inspiration scents and smells

feature a seller on your blog
feature something you recently bought from an etsy seller
feature something from your favorites on etsy, explain why you had to heart it!
top 5 finds
feature something unusual you saw on etsy but you love it
feature something you love by color

something you have always wanted to do
something you are looking forward to
what you are thankful for today (thankful thursdays!)
things that make you happy
amusing pet peeves
something funny you saw today while running errands
things that distract you when you are trying to get something done

get your readers involved
suggestions on a name for a new product
polls about favorite colors, favorite food, favorite type of jewelry, favorite movies, favorite games
polls about a favorite new product
critiques and suggestions
ask how everyone else gets motivated or creative

blog about someone else's blog post you thought was interesting
blog about someone's new creation they posted on their blog
if you don't have time to blog for yourself, post a link to another great blog article of a follower of yours

Posted at 11:30pm Jan 26, 2010 EST


Great list!!!

Posted at 11:32pm Jan 26, 2010 EST


Posted at 11:39pm Jan 26, 2010 EST

This is wonderful for writer's block! Thank you! I have bookmarked it!

Posted at 11:44pm Jan 26, 2010 EST

Glad I could help =)

Posted at 11:52pm Jan 26, 2010 EST

holy... list! ;) awesome.

Posted at 11:54pm Jan 26, 2010 EST

I was aiming for awesome =) Hehehe

Posted at 12:12am Jan 27, 2010 EST

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You really read my mind.. or my response to a post earlier ;0)

Posted at 12:13am Jan 27, 2010 EST

nice thanks

Posted at 12:16am Jan 27, 2010 EST


Posted at 12:17am Jan 27, 2010 EST