Calling all bloggers - How do I link my Etsy shop to my blog?

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Original Post

Learning about the whole world of blogging and I want to have a link of my Etsy shop with my blog but Etsy doesn't seem to give me the option. Any bloggers out there who could help me?

I also have an offer going on in Promotions in a moment once I have worked the above out!

Many thanks
Frances Seward

Posted at 1:20 pm Jan 30, 2010 EST



go to 'your etsy' then scroll down on the left hand side to 'promote.' click on 'etsy mini' and you can design and get html code to place on your blog.

Posted at 1:24 pm Jan 30, 2010 EST

is it a blogspot?
If it is, then you go on blogspot and add a widget for your etsy mini.

Log into blogspot
click on layout
click on add a gadget
you can choose from the options... can just add a live link to your etsy shop
...or using the HTML / JAVAscript you can add an etsy mini (which you will have to copy & paste into that box after choosing the options from your own etsy shop...

Posted at 1:25 pm Jan 30, 2010 EST

Yes, it is blogspot

Thank so much for all your help!

Posted at 1:29 pm Jan 30, 2010 EST

Here is a video that explains how to install your etsy mini

Posted at 1:32 pm Jan 30, 2010 EST

sarah, thanks I now, have a mini etsy on my blog.

Your directions were very easy to follow.

Posted at 1:41 pm Jan 30, 2010 EST

Thanks everyone!

Posted at 2:57 pm Jan 30, 2010 EST

Timothy...what would we do without you?

Posted at 3:01 pm Jan 30, 2010 EST

Thanks Sarah and Timothy - JUST put my Etsy mini on my blog - fantastic!:)

Posted at 3:35 pm Jan 30, 2010 EST

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