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stoutdg2 says

Carrie - beautiful earrings.

Bobbiann - welcome back. Hope you are on the mend and back to yourself soon.

Posted at 11:21am Mar 8, 2010 EST

Hi Everyone! I hope your Monday is perfect. Enjoy the day.

Posted at 12:22pm Mar 8, 2010 EST

Sirocco says

Hi there Rachael (ziporgiabella), I am so happy that you stopped in to our team forum. Turquoise is one of my favorite gemstones and this item of yours is really cool. It caught my eye right away.

I am going to go and poke through your shop a bit more now.


Posted at 1:29pm Mar 8, 2010 EST

Sirocco says

Yay for me! I have a sale. My wonderful malachite ring sold today. I always have mixed feelings when my older listing sell. You see, I started out making jewelry just for myself. Then I started listing some of it on etsy. Now when one of those old pieces sell I am reluctant to let go. I don't mind selling the new pieces because I make them specifically for sale.


Posted at 3:25pm Mar 8, 2010 EST

Hello everyone,

How are your sales? Mine has been very slow.

Posted at 3:44pm Mar 8, 2010 EST

Congrat sirocco! the ring is gorgeous!

Posted at 3:49pm Mar 8, 2010 EST

Hello everyone!

Ziporgiabella--visited your shop and made you a favorite! Lovely things--so glad to see you here.

Bobbiann--sending you warm wishes and hoping that you are on the mend.

Paul--Congrats on that beautiful ring--it is one of the pieces I most admired! :)

A note about letting pieces go that you are attached to. I had a whole wall of watercolor paintings at home that I had painted and custom-framed. I enjoyed them, yes. But I felt that it was a shame not to let others enjoy them too. So I put them up for sale in my retail store. A favorite, a tropical Toucan painting sold almost immediately. It was almost like selling one of my children. But then I realized, it was getting a life of it's own and that made me feel better. :)

To all my beading friends, here's hoping that your road is sunny and your beading needles are swift! :) See you soon! :)

Posted at 4:23pm Mar 8, 2010 EST

jstinson says

Hello all, just popped down to see what is going on!

Paul..I just knew that ring had an owner besides you! Now, you will have to make another similar one. Congrats on the sale.

Posted at 4:37pm Mar 8, 2010 EST

Paul, your ring is very nice! I love's such a lovely stone.

Joni, Love your dream catcher...the treasury has a lot of GREAT items featured. I stopped in and c&c.

Ancientconnections...I loved several of your daughter's picks....I c&c.

to everyone else...happy beading...I'll try and stop back in again during the week.

Have a wonderful week!

Posted at 5:06pm Mar 8, 2010 EST