Best Scissors for Very Detailed Paper Cutting?

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Original Post

I want to cut out some very small letters (to use for embossing). The letters will be approx. 1cm / ¼in high, and some parts of the letters will obviously be much smaller.

Can anyone recommend a got scissors for very detailed paper cutting? I should say I live in the UK so need to be able to get them there.

I've heard Fiskars Micro Tip scissors are good, but just wondering if anyone else knows of any others?

Any advice appreciated.

Posted at 5:32pm Jan 31, 2010 EST


Ooops! I should have said "good" scissors not "got". I need to go to bed!

Posted at 5:41pm Jan 31, 2010 EST

great question, I'd love to know too!

Posted at 5:58pm Jan 31, 2010 EST

6catsart says

I would see if you can find/try out a swivel knife. Art stores or drafting stores more than likely have them. I used to use one many years ago at a job I had cutting stencils for silkscreening. It is great for very picky detailed work/cutting. The blade on mine is very tiny about 3/16 of a inch, very sharp, the blades are expensive but last forever, you can sharpen them if you know what your are doing. The blade, triangular is shape, comes to a point and rotates (on a ballbearing I would guess).

Posted at 6:05pm Jan 31, 2010 EST

Xacto knives are great for paper cutting. Also, you can use the small scissors used to trim eyebrow and nose hair.

Posted at 6:06pm Jan 31, 2010 EST

All great recommendations, I also use Gingher embroidery scissors (widely available) and Kloetzli/Hofer Gold scissors from Papercuttings by Allison. Many people like to use surgical scissors and nail scissors. For such tiny work that is largely unattached to a larger piece, I would personally prefer scissors over a craft blade and think the quality of the line would be smoother. Good luck!

Posted at 6:13pm Jan 31, 2010 EST

Ditto the swivel knife suggestion. I have a Fiskars. Good stuff.

Posted at 9:43pm Jan 31, 2010 EST

Thanks all! Great replies.

I have already tried a swivel knife and coudln't get on with it all - could be down to my poor technique! The one I have sounds like the one described, a very small blade that had a little ball inside allowing it to rotate.

I had a small nail scissors which worked much better but was a bit blunt - that's what made me think a scissors would be easier.

Thanks jennyleefowler - obviously looking at your gorgeous work you know what you are talking about! Will check out those scissors.

Posted at 5:47am Feb 1, 2010 EST

Ooh thanks for asking, something I wanted to know too.

Posted at 5:50am Feb 1, 2010 EST

magicjelly says

I don't like swivel knives either, but I use a fine blade xacto for detailed cutting. Scissors with fine pointed blades would be best. I saw an artist using short blade embroidery scissors for very fine cutting.

Posted at 5:58am Feb 1, 2010 EST