When do Treasuries show up on front page?

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Original Post

SavoyFaire says

Is there a specific time when a treasury shows on the front page of Etsy like a certain time before it expires, etc?

Thanks in advance!

Posted at 12:22pm Feb 8, 2010 EST


LaBeq says

Treasuries show up on the front page when they are picked. There is no guarantee they will get there at all.

Posted at 12:24pm Feb 8, 2010 EST

Not all treasuries appear on the front page, admin picks based on any number of criteria.

Posted at 12:25pm Feb 8, 2010 EST

and admin puts together alot on the front pages not using the treasuries at all.

Posted at 12:32pm Feb 8, 2010 EST

marymary says

Hi there,

Treasuries appear on the homepage several times a day, currently you will see roughly 16-20 Treasuries featured in a given day. As long as your list is active, it has a chance of being featured (usually closer to the day it is set to expire give or take).

Not all Treasuries are featured on the homepage, but we do try to mix things up. Some tips to keep in mind if you are making a Treasury with the goal in mind of it being featured on the homepage are:

* Use all 16 item slots, including all 4 alternates spaces.
* Make sure all 16 slots are from different sellers.
* Try not to use an item from one of your own shop/s.
* Include a variety of represented categories throughout your collection.
* Include a variety of price points throughout your collection.
* Use items with clear, crisp, and most importantly, inspiring photos.
* Try not to use the same sellers or friends frequently when you make new collections. We are trying to use more community made Treasury lists moving forward and will be looking for lists with broader variety. For example, using items or sellers that have been featured on the homepage recently isn't a best practice for having your list featured on the homepage.

To get an idea of the types of lists that have been featured on the homepage before, browse through craft cult's vault feature: craftcult.com/vault.php This is a great gauge for the types of lists and photography we look for when choosing lists for the homepage, but again, not a guide for the exact items to choose. Get creative, show us all something new, inspiring, and different!

Best of luck and keep up the great work making Treasuries,

Posted at 12:41pm Feb 8, 2010 EST

tinahdee says

this is really good info, thanks.

Posted at 12:52pm Feb 8, 2010 EST

Great to know. I am just getting into making treasuries & very glad I stumbled upon this thread. Thanks!

Posted at 12:55pm Feb 8, 2010 EST

marymary says

No problem at all, feel free to spread the word/link if we aren't around and you see similar questions about making Treasuries for the homepage!

Posted at 12:56pm Feb 8, 2010 EST

Kecky says

What a good list! I know I'm guilty of using the same shops over and over in my treasuries. :D

Posted at 12:58pm Feb 8, 2010 EST

wow, thanks Mary! very helpful. I've been fortunate to snag a treasury lately and now I know how to go fwd and improve on it's success!

Posted at 1:01pm Feb 8, 2010 EST