Wooly Nylon how to use in serger?

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Original Post

Alphachic says

I already looked in old forums and did not find this topic

I want to finish an edge of a hat with wooly nylon on my Serger but do not know to do that. I want it to have an edge on it like place mats do if ya know what I mean?

I looked in the web for support and people say thread it through the upper and lower looper...then what? Do I thread it through the needles or am I using regular thread for the needles??

Thanks - hope I made this clear enough for ya'll to understand.

Posted at 7:26pm Feb 11, 2010 EST


My understanding is that it only needs to be in one of the bottom feeds. The one that actually goes over the edge.

try this. Put 4 different color threads in you serger, then serge around a square. Now you can tell which feed does what. I did it and I chose colors that matched the threading diagram colors, so I didn't have to remember what I used where!

BTW - have you tried Polyarn? It is woolly polyester, and isn't supposed to melt. Has your woolly nylon ever melted from ironing?

Posted at 7:34pm Feb 11, 2010 EST

Alphachic says

I have never used wooly nylon - was going to try for the first time tonight. I never even thought about ironing since I was working with recycled wool sweaters. hmmm...

okay i have a diagram about # does what on my machine, I think I was told that I needed to use two spools for this..hmm....

scratches head...

Posted at 7:39pm Feb 11, 2010 EST

You can thread the wooly nylon through both loopers, and normal thread through the needles, and it'll work just fine.


you can thread the wooly stuff through just the upper looper, and increase the tension on the lower looper (which has normal thread) so it pulls the nylon around more of the edge of the fabric.

Posted at 7:50pm Feb 11, 2010 EST

Alphachic says

Thank you shoeless I thought it went something like that but was not certain and I couldn't find any info on our fine world wide web...

Posted at 8:02pm Feb 11, 2010 EST

Test on a scrap of something a similar weight to your hat brim, until you get it right.

Posted at 8:10pm Feb 11, 2010 EST

Yes, put the wooly nylon only in the upper looper and use a 3 thread stitch.

Found this on the BAby Lock site:
Q: I want to use decorative thread in my serger but don't know where to start.
A: Decorative borders or edges are a good place to start. They can be created with an array of threads from fine to heavy weight.

Fabric: Firm Woven
Stitch: Three Thread Left Needle
Standard Length Setting: 2 1/2-3
Width Setting: 7.5mm
Differential Feed Setting: N
Tension Guidelines: Balanced Stitch - If using a serger that requires tension adjustment, then start with loosening the upper looper tension setting (0-3) to maintain a balanced stitch.

Record Tension Settings:

Left Needle_____ Upper Looper_____ Lower Looper_____

Thread the upper looper with buttonhole twist, or pearl cotton. Thread the lower looper and needle with all-purpose cone thread. Stitch along the edge of the fabric. Check the stitch to make sure the tensions are set properly. If adjustment is needed, fine tune the tensions and test the stitch again.

Threading both the upper and lower looper with a heavier decorative thread can create reversible borders. Both looper tensions will need to be loosened to accommodate the thickness of the thread.

Posted at 10:35am Feb 12, 2010 EST