Etsy Maine Team Spring Cleaning!

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Original Post

DreaBunny says

Several Etsy Maine Team shops are doing some Spring Cleaning! It may be kind of early, but I think we all have cabin fever! We need to clear out old stock in order to bring you fresh items for Spring!!

Etsy Maine Team Shops who are participating have added the tag "MaineSpringClean" to their SALE and CLEARANCE items, so search here for great discounts:

Check Shop Announcements as well, many shops may be offering further discounts or free shipping!

Are you a Maine Teamer interested in joining this promotion? Convo me, DreaBunny, and I will add you to our list of participating shops!

Happy shopping...and cleaning!

Posted at 5:00pm Feb 16, 2010 EST


karhumoon says

marking...Hi Bunny

Posted at 9:13pm Feb 16, 2010 EST

DreaBunny says

Hi Heidi! Are you going to do some Spring Cleaning with me? =)

Posted at 11:58pm Feb 16, 2010 EST

I'm spring cleaning!!! I just marked down over a dozen items in my shop for the spring cleaning event!

I think that link should work... if not, just look for all the sale goodies! :)

Posted at 11:32am Feb 17, 2010 EST

Shops from Maine rule! Show your love for the snow state who has no snow today. :(

Posted at 12:02pm Feb 17, 2010 EST


Posted at 12:04pm Feb 17, 2010 EST

Nice shop, crazycouture!

Posted at 1:25pm Feb 17, 2010 EST

DreaBunny says

Anyone else doing any cleaning? =)

Posted at 1:20pm Feb 18, 2010 EST

indigotwin says

Kind of a beautiful spring-"ish" day up here today! Cleaning out a pile of items too!

Posted at 1:28pm Feb 18, 2010 EST