Piilowcases to Help Haiti

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Original Post

I think the Etsy Community at large could rock this challenge
Here are the details:

Whimbrella says: Ok, Quiltsy -- Here you go!

* * * *

The Haitian earthquake hit close to home in Quiltsyland. Just a couple days before the earthquake, Quiltsy member Ellen of bearcreekcreations had seen her daughter Joanna off at the airport. Joanna returned from Christmas break to her job in Port au Prince, Haiti where she works as a mid-wife in a charitable women’s clinic. After receiving word of Joanna’s safety, Ellen swung into action to help. She quickly set up a Facebook group to support the Haitian group’s efforts and facilitate crucial information exchange.

Quiltsy members who joined Ellen’s Facebook group were able to follow the day-to-day trials and successes as the woman’s clinic became more of a MASH unit. Flights of doctors and supplies arrived to treat scores of wounded Haitians, while families of patients and workers camped around outside. The accounts, photos and uploaded video gave a better idea of the real story than any television news report.

About the same time, Quiltsy members discussed participating in the National Million Pillowcase Challenge sponsored by American Patchwork & Quilting magazine’s AllPeopleQuilt.com, a Better Homes & Garden company. The year-long challenge to quilters and sewers is to make and donate one million pillowcases to local charities.

Since the Quiltsy Team is an international and online group, there was a problem participating as a group in the challenge. Where would the pillowcases be sent? What is a local charity when your members are flung all over the globe?

*lightbulb moment* Joanna’s group in Haiti needs pillowcases for all the patients and people living with them! Many emails later, arrangements have been made to get the pillowcases to the group in Haiti and Quiltsy members are busy busting their fabric stashes to make pillowcases.

Quiltsy would like to open up this challenge to anyone else desiring to send a pillowcase along with theirs.

There are many easy (and free) pillowcase patterns available on the internet. As expected, AllPeopleQuilt.com has several available to download. www.allpeoplequilt.com/millionpillowcases/index.html There are no requirements other than standard size and cotton fabric.

Deadline to get your pillowcase included in this dispatch to Haiti is March 9th. That is about 3 weeks in which to make some pillowcases. Please contact whimbrella for mailing details if you want to participate.

* * * *

Here’s my thought, if a few teams joined forces in this, it would be so awesome. So talk to your other teams about it and give whimbrella a hand with coordinating it.
For more info on the pillowcase challenge click here

Posted at 3:25pm Feb 17, 2010 EST


Whimbrella says

You are AWESOME Berry! Thanks for getting this out there.

Here is our blog article about it -- contains pictures and links to help it make more sense.


Posted at 3:29pm Feb 17, 2010 EST

This is a great, and EASY way to help out! Pillowcases are fast to make and require only beginner's sewing skills, so just about anyone with a sewing machine can make one!

Thank you for coordinating!

Posted at 3:31pm Feb 17, 2010 EST

Whimbrella says

I'm hoping to have the mailing details worked out by tonight or tomorrow morning. There has been a lot of back & forth behind the scenes to get this going and I wanted everyone to have as much time as possible to sew.

Posted at 3:31pm Feb 17, 2010 EST

I know there are a lot of beginners to sewing on etsy and pillow cases are quick and easy projects, if everyone makes a couple or 3.. Haiti's pillows will be encased with more love and beauty than ever imagined.

Posted at 3:34pm Feb 17, 2010 EST

what a fabulous idea! off to share this...

Posted at 3:35pm Feb 17, 2010 EST

Let me know how to help you stay organized, whim.

Posted at 3:35pm Feb 17, 2010 EST

Awesome Thanks Cindy!!

Posted at 3:36pm Feb 17, 2010 EST

Whimbrella says

berrybluecreations says:
Let me know how to help you stay organized, whim.
* * * *

You are a PEACH. Thanks so much.

Right now we're in Get-the-word-out mode.

We'll start calling you Paul Revere Berryblue! :)

This is going to be a quick project with the deadline just 3 weeks away. But sometimes quicker is better than dragging it out. Everyone can jump on it, make some and get them sent out.

Posted at 4:12pm Feb 17, 2010 EST

what a neat idea! I'm off to spread the news...


Posted at 4:16pm Feb 17, 2010 EST