Piilowcases to Help Haiti

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Not my forte, just wanted to say how awesome it as, all the ways that people have thought of to help! :-)

Posted at 4:18pm Feb 17, 2010 EST

way to go Beth! Thanks for startign this thread!

Posted at 4:25pm Feb 17, 2010 EST

Whimbrella says

cindylouwho2 says:
what a fabulous idea! off to share this...
* * * *

THANKS! I just shared with team etsyBaby.

The more the merrier!

Posted at 5:14pm Feb 17, 2010 EST

I twittered about both, Pillowcases for Haiti and the 1 million pillowcase project.

Thanks Whim for brining it to our attention in the other thread.

Posted at 5:16pm Feb 17, 2010 EST

I've put the word out to every team I'm active in. Hearts 4 Haiti was instantly successful, I'm quite sure we can get 1 million pillowcases donated.

Posted at 6:04pm Feb 17, 2010 EST

Thanks to whim for getting me started on this and thanks to everyone willing to participate and help spread the word.

Posted at 6:06pm Feb 17, 2010 EST

Whimbrella says

Berry, you make me laugh!

I sent my sights a little lower than 1 million pillowcases for Haiti, but if we come close to that it would be terrific! (I was thinking more along the lines of a couple suitcases full -- maybe a few more...)

Thanks for ALL your help!!!!!!

Posted at 6:10pm Feb 17, 2010 EST

Whimbrella says

Do you think we should start a flickr group for everyone to upload photos of their pillowcases? I bet everyone would get a kick from seeing them as they get done.

Posted at 6:11pm Feb 17, 2010 EST

Yes! Definitely!

Posted at 6:14pm Feb 17, 2010 EST

I blogged about it on my blog
and a similar version on the Createability Team Blog

Posted at 7:03pm Feb 17, 2010 EST