BEST Craft Show tips....

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Original Post

He everyone!!! What are your BEST craft show tips to survive and thrive?

Thanks for sharing!

Posted at 2:56pm Feb 22, 2010 EST


Be prepared for ANYTHING. And smile until your face hurts.

Posted at 2:58pm Feb 22, 2010 EST

Marking. Love to hear feedback. Plan on doing some starting this summer. Right now trying to build inventory

Posted at 3:02pm Feb 22, 2010 EST

maryjudy says

sunscreen & chapstick

Posted at 3:04pm Feb 22, 2010 EST

Street Fair are my favorite! Stuff the car!!

Posted at 3:05pm Feb 22, 2010 EST

DyNaModuo says

Bring something to keep yourself occupied. I learned this the hard way from the first show I did which was very slow and boring. I wised up by the second show and brought knitting. I not only was able to work on knitting things but had lots of people come by the table to talk about knitting, and it gave them more time to look at things I had for sale as well!!

Posted at 3:07pm Feb 22, 2010 EST

Marking! Me too peanutbutter!

Posted at 3:08pm Feb 22, 2010 EST

Make a lot of inventory, display it so people want to touch it and try it on, have a variety of price points for everyone's budget, be sincere when you talk to people, and make sure you are there to talk and SELL, not to just keep busy if it is slow.

Posted at 3:11pm Feb 22, 2010 EST

I asked this question a while back and got a lot of good practical advice about craft shows!

Posted at 3:11pm Feb 22, 2010 EST

lovems1 says

Talk to everyone, even if it's only to say hello.

Although it's ok to bring things to do, try and make it something that has to do with what you are selling. People will tend to ask questions and be curious, but if you are just reading, looking at magazines etc..they may think you are disinterested in them and the craft show.

If possible accept credit cards - we have done shows when almost all sales were credit card sales!

Good luck and have fun with it!

Posted at 3:12pm Feb 22, 2010 EST