Best selling products on Etsy?

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Original Post

I'm curious to know what the best selling products are on Etsy. Is there a way to see what type of products sell the most and what regions? What is the best selling product in your shop?

Posted at 5:38pm Feb 22, 2010 EST


I'm not sure what sells best overall on Etsy, but for my shop it is a seasonal issue. During the holidays, my calendars sell like hotcakes. Prior to Valentine's Day, I sold a lot of custom cards and printable valentines. And it seems like during the rest of the year, people love my notebooks, greeting cards, and other small paper goods. As a whole, people love things they can relate to. My dog-themed and nautical items always do well because they make great gifts...

Posted at 5:49pm Feb 22, 2010 EST

PropShop says

I think supplies sell best!!

Posted at 5:52pm Feb 22, 2010 EST

Thanks for the feedback. Will have to take a look at AfricanGrey's notebooks.

Posted at 10:31pm Feb 22, 2010 EST

If you search on the forums you'll find a website of Top Selling Etsy Shops. I think they split them between "supplies" and ones that sell everything else. Be'll freak when you see how many sales these best selling shops have!

Posted at 10:36pm Feb 22, 2010 EST

the things that take longest for me to make usually sell the most, lol. my cross stitches are a favorite.

Posted at 10:50pm Feb 22, 2010 EST

Nice pillows!

Posted at 10:50pm Feb 22, 2010 EST

Yeah looks likes supplies sell the most more than handmade, but there is also a new app under the app section that shows whos top seller etc.

I can only dream and wish and hope my shop sold that much.

Posted at 8:07pm Jan 19, 2011 EST

PropShop said:
I think supplies sell best!!

Yup. :-)

Posted at 8:09pm Jan 19, 2011 EST

The top top sellers are mostly supply sellers, but close behind are an artist, scrabble tile pendant shop, bath and body shop, a jewelry shop with kind of upscale sparkly things, and some of the stamped silver jewelry shops. A site called craftcount has lists of the top 10 sellers, and then under each category the top 100.
Of course, these top sellers have also had their shops open for a few years for the most part. It is interesting to look and see what sells well.

Posted at 8:13pm Jan 19, 2011 EST