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Original Post

NeatThings says

A lot of Etsians either do or want to wholesale their products. And a lot of us don't know much about how to go about it. Would those more experienced folks mind sharing any/all of the following information?

1. Your minimum order? By price or items?
2. Your price point (% of your retail price)?
3. Your pricing tiers?
4. Your return or buyback policies, if you have them?
5. Do you include suggested retail pricing?
6. Do you put suggested retail price on the product?
7. How do retailers place orders?
8. What are some creative ways to approach retailers?
9. How much do you charge for shipping & handling?
10. How quickly do you fill orders?

Be sure to include category information (jewelry, clothing, accessories, etc.).


Posted at 4:37pm Feb 24, 2010 EST


Do a forum search and you'll find a compilation of answers to these questions on several threads submitted this week. :)

Posted at 4:41pm Feb 24, 2010 EST

NeatThings says


Posted at 4:50pm Feb 24, 2010 EST

Hi Snarky!!!!!!
I do very little wholesale as I can't make my prices much lower than what they are, and I feel it's unfair to compete with someone I sold wholesale to.

Posted at 4:51pm Feb 24, 2010 EST

LoveLaurie says

That's a great suggestion upallnightstudio, but sometimes the op would like to have a dialogue instead of just reading about it. That way when specific equestions come up reguarding someones answer, you can have a discussion with them which can be much more helpful.

Posted at 4:54pm Feb 24, 2010 EST

NeatThings says

Love, not to mention, some of these questions have not yet been answered in past posts.

Posted at 4:57pm Feb 24, 2010 EST

So far my creative way to approaching retailers is to send my husband. I'm too scared to go ask myself so he just grabs a stack of cards and goes. So far, he's got a "call back in spring, we're full now" and a bunch of cards are sitting on another gal's desk waiting for her decision.

I don't really think that helps....

I have heard that retailers want to mark up "soft" items (like cards...which is the bulk of what I make) by 50%. Which means I'd have to sell my cards to them for like $2. We'll see...

Posted at 4:57pm Feb 24, 2010 EST

My opening minimum is $200 or 6 pieces. I do frames and mirrors, so they are $50-200 per piece. I don't have tiers, never have needed them yet. Reorders are also $200 or 6 pieces. I will refund if damaged, but a refund just because they didn't like the color or something is subkect to a 15% restocking fee. I give a MSRP, suggested retail price, that is equal to all my selling venues, and price wholesale at a 40% discount off that.

Posted at 4:57pm Feb 24, 2010 EST

I have heard a lot of pottery people do 50% as well. I have only done one big wholesale order so I don't know very much.

Posted at 4:59pm Feb 24, 2010 EST

NeatThings says

Excellent, Beach. Great info - thanks!

Posted at 5:05pm Feb 24, 2010 EST