Can you have more than one Etsy shop?

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Original Post

sakura1024 says

Okay...I have this problem... I'm an Aries. We are notorious for starting something we can't finish as well as dipping our toes into many different waters at one time. So is the case with art.

I LOVE photography (my true passion), but I also love jewelry making, homemade spa products and sewing. I want to have an Etsy business (that may one day branch out, but for now I just want to get my work on SOMETHING!), but I can't decide. I think it would seem a little "multiple personality disorder" if I had all on one, so do people have more than one shop for more than one specialty? Would this seem too discombobulated (I'm feeling my literary oats today, too!)?

Thank you for any help you may be able to give me!


Posted at 11:36am Feb 28, 2010 EST


Many on here have more than one shop. The only requirement is you have a different email address for each one and disclose all the shops you have in your shop announcements.

I agree. A shop that's all over the place is too confusing for me. I like to shop places where the products are related.

Posted at 11:39am Feb 28, 2010 EST

I am the same way. I have two right now, but I am thinking of eventually opening one for just my photography as well. Good Luck!

Posted at 11:41am Feb 28, 2010 EST

bijoutery says

Short answer, yes you can have more than one shop.

There's different answers to this, no right or wrong ones, it just depends on the person and what works for you. A number of people have multiple shops for different types of items, to keep them seperate and sometimes because they have so many of each it makes it easier for customers to search thru. Others put it all in one shop, so their buyers see everything together in case they're interested in buying other types of artwork, and it can be easier to manage one shop rather than multiple ones.

As far as the managing multiple shop thing - at some point Etsy is supposed to make it easier to manage multiple shops, but who knows when that will happen.

So you could always just try opening a second one and see how you like it, if it works for you and you feel like managing a second shop is doable for you. Start small with maybe a couple of listings, try it out for a week or two. If you find you don't like it, then you could always combine stuff in with your first shop, without having invested a lot on your second shop.

good luck!

Posted at 11:44am Feb 28, 2010 EST

sakura1024 says

That makes sense, bijoutery. I'll give that a try!

Posted at 11:52am Feb 28, 2010 EST

yah,like stratus mentioned above, i think the only limitation is that you have to "declare" each shop in your other shops.

Posted at 11:55am Feb 28, 2010 EST

We just opened up our third shop this December 1. Our second is a little bit related to our first shop in product lines and categories. Our third shop has nothing to do at wll with either of the two. Like you, we found it hard to conceptualize integrating all of our products under one shop.

However, we noticed that our second and third shops never got the same amount of response as our first shop. The difference is just phenomenal where we would get over 500 views on the first and we would get 1 or 5 from the second and third. We followed the same procedures from all aspects in opening an Etsy shop as we did on our first shop, but we just are stuck with this looooooooooow views. So, we're still checking things out and when we find something, we'll let you know.

We love Etsy. We think it's the best on-line market. We are steadily growing our business on Etsy and wouldn't consider any other market! Good luck.

Posted at 12:05am Dec 28, 2013 EST

Penggi M says

Isn't that why the have folders? Maybe it is a new feature? I was setting up some stuff today and fixing my policies and settings to make sure things are set. I stumbled upon a folders part where you can label different sections.

Posted at 12:11am Dec 28, 2013 EST

nodsu from nodsu says

Yes. And many people have several shops.
I have 2... but unless You really NEED 2 shops (items don't match like shoes and sweets or smth)- I don't recommend having multiple shops- too much work.

Posted at 12:44am Dec 28, 2013 EST