116 Places to promote your Etsy shop online

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AshleyPahl says

Updated from 91 sites, there are now 116 places to promote your shop on this list. If you know of a site not on this list, leave a comment here or on my blog!

But PLEASE - Don't be spammy! Let's not give handmade artists a bad name...

Clickable links here: particularlypretty.blogspot.com/2008/01/places-to-promote-etsy.html

# Squidoo - create a "lens" focusing on your work
# Myspace- create a profile, connect, write a blog, share pictures
# BuyHandmade.org - sign the pledge
# Flickr - add photos of your work
# weloveetsy.com - social networking site for Etsians
# weloveetsy.com/shops - shop directory
# Indie Public - indie social networking
# Talentdatabase - profile your talents and skills
# Blogger.com - create your own blog
# Designers Notion - submit your shop to get featured
# dmoz.org - web directory
# universitychic.com - submit your shop
# boingboing.net/suggest.html - submit your shop or blog to get featured
# kijiji.com - Free Local Classifieds
# www.freecraftfair.com/link_exchange.html - exchange links to get in directory
# StumbleUpon.com - bookmark a page - though self promotion can be frowned upon
# Trunkt - juried portfolio site to connect with wholesalers
# Indiequarter.com - submit your site to get featured
# If you have a blog, try Blog Catalog to share your blog with other blogger

# Cuteable.com - share cute items to be featured
# Craigslist - online classifieds
# Craftster - connect with other crafters and share ideas
# Facebook Business Pages - gain fans, create events, share announcements, post photos
# Google Adwords - advertise your shop on Google - costs money
# Wickedly Chic - get featured or advertise
# Indie Shopping - submit your link for the indie shopping guide
# DIY Scene - network with other crafters
# All Things Handmade - Etsy Mini Blog
# Advertise on other popular blogs such as IndieFixx.com
# Indie Spotting - submit a find to get featured
# Twitter - Microblog and network with others
# My Handmade Registry - social network to share your handmade wishlist
# Project Wonderful - low-cost, sometimes free, advertising on targeted blogs
# Google Base - upload your Etsy shop listings to Google as related shopping links
# The Little Black Box - submit samples for monthly giftboxes and get your ad featured
# Indie Collective - submit to their shopping directory
# Plaincraft - upload your item photos with links to be seen and rated
# 2 Handmade Directory - handmade shopping directory
# Byhand.me - artisan directory, wishlists, and more!
# Indie Gift Guide - Create listings for the gift guides
# For Chicago Only - Chicago artist directory and crafting events: Chicago Crafty
# Indie Smiles - advertise
# MyCraft.com - share and market your crafts
# eElixer.com - become a featured member
# SoopSee.com - combine your blogs, your shops, your photos, and your contact info
# EtsyPicks - Follow them on Twitter, submit your links, and get featured
# OwntheHour.com - pay for a spot on the site - get your item featured
# Indie Craft Wall - pay for a spot on the craft wall - choose your own pixel spots
# Foundhandmade.com - purchase blocks of your size choice to advertise your items
# CafeHandmade - show-off your creations
# Craft Cult - advertise on the side bars
# Craftopolis - advertise on the side bars
# Etsy's Promo Forum - promote your items in relavent threads; promote your sales
# VFlyer.com - print fliers, create online ads
# DeviantArt - share your artwork
# Webshots.com - share your photos
# Wordpress Blogs - blog about your craft
# Typepad Blogs - blog about your work
# SchroederSisters.com - many different advertising opportunities
# The Crafter Classifieds - Get on the list as a crafter
# Snorple.com - a year of free advertising in a shop search engine
# Indie Icing - submit your shop to get featured
# Top 100 Etsy Shops - submit your shop and have your link and banner featured
# Top 100 Crafts Sites Report - Pay to advertise
# Crafty Classifieds - Craft Classified ads and message boards
# The Craft Link Exchange - A free craft link resource for arts and craft webmasters - reciprocal craft link exchange
# 100 Craft Links - Add your site
# Girl Indie - Have your website or product reviewed
# Craft Stylish - A crafting community to share your ideas and experiences
# Shopping Can be Fun! - A blog to promote your items
# Etsy Secrets - blog dedicated exclusively to coupons valid at Etsy shops!
# Etsy Teams - get involved
# LinkedIn - strengthens and extends your existing network of trusted contacts.
# This Next - recommend products
# Crafters Buzz - free advertising
# Ryze - business networking
# Robot Laundry - share and promote your work
# Bust Magazine Online - advertise
# Click Thru - Promote a product or website
# Live Journal Etsy Community
# Add your URL to Google
# Etsy on Myspace - Friend and Comment
# Postaroo - Free Classifieds
# vintage village - A Gathering of Vintage Sellers and Enthusiasts
# avcosa.ning.com/ - represent, educate, inform online sellers of antique, vintage & collectibles
# Vintage Fashion Guild
# The Vintage List - get listed in the directory
# Try Handmade - apply to get your work featured or advertise
# Mom Made That! - If you're a mom, get your shop featured starting at $3/month
# Weebly - create your own free website (I bought my own domain name at NameCheap.com and have it forward to my weebly site!)
# Etsy Giveaways - promote your giveaway!
# ESellerAds - Advertise your Etsy products anywhere on the web
# craft juice - submit a craft item
# Vote Handmade - submit a link and vote
# The Handmade Directory - Add a site; advertise
# Mixx Made - Directory; marketplace; forum; community
# Blue Canvas - classifieds; community; forum; gallery
# 43 Things: Promote My Website - add your site to the list
# Etsy's Myspace page - Friend and leave a comment
# Get Crafty - forum; community; blogs
# Bing.com - submit your site to search engine
# You Craft - free craft listings and classifieds
# Target Crafts - directory; link exchange; banner/ad campaigns
# Arts Collab - submit finds; advertise
# Artzee - Add your site; forum
# Cracker - Australian classifieds; free ads and forum
# Craft Site Directory - Add your site
# Crafty Links - Add your site
# Daisy Craft - List items for free
# Designs to Love - Online craft gallery; forum; community
# Electronic Cottage - list your site and exhibit
# Froogle on Google - submit your site to Google's shopping resources
# Link Referral - submit your blog or website
# Crafty Tips - submit your site; suggest a link
# Creativity Portal - suggest a site
# CanArtisan - Submit Canadian art links

Posted at 1:40pm Mar 1, 2010 EST


AshleyPahl says

Just one more bump for the lunch crowd :)

Posted at 2:36pm Mar 1, 2010 EST

AshleyPahl says

now it's at 117, and still growing!

Posted at 3:41pm Mar 2, 2010 EST

Wow! Thank you!

Posted at 3:42pm Mar 2, 2010 EST

Marking! Thanks!

Posted at 4:30pm Mar 2, 2010 EST

nourishbb says

Thank you, this is a wonderfully huge list :D

Posted at 8:59pm Apr 1, 2010 EDT

SESCo says

Oh my, thank you!

Posted at 9:11pm Apr 1, 2010 EDT

SESCo says

Oh my, thank you!

Posted at 9:11pm Apr 1, 2010 EDT