BIG Craft Fair/Show List, Plus Tips!!

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Original Post

I have been noticing a lot of people asking about how to find out about upcoming craft fairs lately. I am constantly on the look out for resourceful craft show websites so I decided to compile a list of sites that I know of as well as other craft show links. Hope people find this helpful. And please feel free to add to this list. I will most likely update it at the end of the day with any additions.

***Craft Show Listing Websites***
(This link is just for the current blog posting, so I recommend checking the blog periodically for updates or googling "Craftzine this week in craft fairs" for an updated list.)

Check out local/individual craft mafia websites as they are most likely organizing local events. Go here to find a craftmafia near you:

Book Guide:

*Big Craft/Trade Events that happen across the country*

Renegade Craft Fair

Pool Trade Show:

American Craft Council
(Click on the Shows & Markets icon on the website for exhibitor information.)

**GOOD TIP** ALWAYS join the mailing list of an event you are interested in, even if the deadline has passed. This is the best way to receive updates!

**Special California/Bay Area Craft Resource**
This is a facebook fan page my friend created. It is a great resource for California Bay Area/SoCal events!/Handmadecollective?ref=sgm

***Craft Show Advice from the Etsy Forums***

Information on Craft Show Credit Card/Propay:

***Etsy Storque Craft Fair Tips***


Posted at 2:45pm Mar 4, 2010 EST


This is fabulous! Thanks so much!

Posted at 2:46pm Mar 4, 2010 EST

You're welcome! I know how hard it can be to find this kind of info so I'm delighted to share.

Posted at 2:47pm Mar 4, 2010 EST

cieliblu says

great! thank you so much!

Posted at 2:47pm Mar 4, 2010 EST

oops! I forgot a very obvious great resource:

To find events: lok under the Gigs category,as well as Artists and events.

You can do a search for the word "Vendors" or "Craft" to the left of the website. Just make sure you select the gigs listing in the drop box below when doing your search.

Posted at 2:55pm Mar 4, 2010 EST

Thank you! Marking

Posted at 2:58pm Mar 4, 2010 EST

Awesome! I have been invited to my first on March 21, 2010!
So excited...need all these great tips. Thank you for posting!

Posted at 3:00pm Mar 4, 2010 EST

Awesome! Thank you for posting this!

Posted at 3:02pm Mar 4, 2010 EST

Thank you very much!

Posted at 3:03pm Mar 4, 2010 EST

Sure! Happy to help. There are a lot of great tips in the Etsy forum & Storque links I posted.

Posted at 3:04pm Mar 4, 2010 EST