Making new friends on Etsy (week 3/8-3/14)

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Original Post

earjeans says

Looking for new friendships? Come join in the fun!

The way it works: Come in and introduce yourself. Say a quick hello to the shops that posted above you and the convo will take off from there. We encourage you to visit the other shops as well. It's a lot of fun and can be addictive!

We will start a new thread each week so that we can effectively communicate with each other and navigate through the pages better. But we will always post the new link for everyone to stay connected.


Team Hearts and Hands United is official! Team HHU is currently 20+ members strong and we all met right here on this thread ;o) While our membership is limited at the moment, we don't want to exclude the many wonderful people we've met over the past 3 months. So we have created a team blog and each week we will choose 12 non-member shops to feature on our team blog. One of your items and a link to your shop will be posted on our team blog. To be considered for selection, just keep coming back to the thread and chat away!

For this week's featured shops and to follow us, visit

For more info on the team and/or how to become a member, look us up on Etsy Teams we are Hearts and Hands United.

Happy Chatting!

Posted at 1:23pm Mar 8, 2010 EST


earjeans says

*** For this weeks blog feature, please allow us a little more time as we have not posted the new features yet! (Last week was a really busy one for a lot of our team members! - which isn't a bad thing...) :o) Anyhoo, look forward to chatting with you this week!

Posted at 1:24pm Mar 8, 2010 EST

Hey earjeans - besides busy how are you?

Posted at 1:35pm Mar 8, 2010 EST

Hi everyone! :)

Sooo tired today. I made some new stuff though, now I need to see if I can get myself out to Michael's to get some snaps.

Posted at 1:43pm Mar 8, 2010 EST

Just visited your shop for the first time. I love all your bright colors!
I especially love this necklace -

Posted at 1:45pm Mar 8, 2010 EST

Following the new thread - thanks earjeans

Posted at 1:47pm Mar 8, 2010 EST

You are a VERY talented artist! I love this one.

Posted at 1:48pm Mar 8, 2010 EST

Hi ears-Your happy band of etsians are following you around the forums. Do you feel like the Pied Piper?

Wonder how fast this thread will explode. But we are happy to have you all stop by and chat a bit.

Posted at 2:08pm Mar 8, 2010 EST

earjeans says

Hey Teehee! (sorry for the delayed response.) I was working on team stuff at the same time I started the new thread! Things are going great. Getting ready for our European tour and working on new music while keeping my shop up. I'm not sure what my schedule is gonna be like when I start school in the fall, but I would imagine it being a lot like it is right now! lol :o)

Hi Ritzee! looking forward to seeing your new stuff!

Hey Bags! Thanks for the compliment :o) I really like your shop also. You've got some really cool stuff. Plus, blessings are always nice ;o)

Hey Nancy! Glad you found us. I hope this new location isn't hard for everyone to find. not sure why we were moved here but I don't mind as long as we don't lose our friends. We had a lot of new shops last week.

Posted at 2:10pm Mar 8, 2010 EST

earjeans says

:o) I just got a visual of that, Fabric! that's pretty cool! Yeah, I wonder how fast this one grows. I just hope I can keep up this time! Last week was the first week I had been over 20 pages behind. yikes! I didn't get caught up until today - the same day we started a new one!ha!

Anyway....I've got to go to the gym and run off the cookies and ice cream I ate for the past two days. I'll be back to check in later.

Posted at 2:12pm Mar 8, 2010 EST