Signed up for Pappashop now what

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Original Post

akkricket says

I signed up w/Pappashop after reading the great reviews. Now that I have payed, chose a banner, paid for a domain, etc.....what happens?
Sincerely, Clueless in AK

Posted at 9:57 pm Mar 8, 2010 EST


what is Pappashop?

Posted at 10:01 pm Mar 8, 2010 EST

akkricket says

I am going to bump bump bump

Posted at 10:01 pm Mar 8, 2010 EST

akkricket says

pappashop is a website hosting program. =)

Posted at 10:01 pm Mar 8, 2010 EST

I would think that you would want to add google analytics to your site and sign it up with google merchant (assuming that you have items for sale.) Advertise too.

Posted at 10:03 pm Mar 8, 2010 EST

curiouspug says

not sure. never heard of them!

Posted at 10:03 pm Mar 8, 2010 EST

akkricket says

Thanks EDCC....I think I need to rephrase it. I signed up, and I do not see anything that says "build your site now" or anything like that. I am lost. Any Pappashop users willing to help?

Posted at 10:09 pm Mar 8, 2010 EST

Sorry, I misunderstood. Good luck.

Posted at 10:13 pm Mar 8, 2010 EST

DreamTree says

I just helped a friend set up her site on merchantmoms, which is very similar to pappashop, so I have a general idea.

You should get an e-mail from them with your login information - for cpanel (which is where you can upload files to your site) and also for your store admin (which is where you will spend 99% of your time).

They have a huge knowledgebase section that will help you find your way around - this page has two links that may help get you started (see "how do I access my cpanel and what is cpanel for?" and "how do I access my storeadmin and what is storeadmin for?"):

The main knowledgebase is here - spend some time reading around...lots of info there:

You'll need to set up your Mals cart to work with Pappashop - there are articles in the knowledgebase on how to do that too.

Good luck! I have a pretty good knowledge of web stuff so I found it really easy, but my friend is totally clueless and once she read some articles and gave it a shot, she really loved it & says it's easy now. :)

Posted at 10:13 pm Mar 8, 2010 EST

I was just talking to a friend about having my own website and I did not know any of those sites..I have never heard of Pappashop but I am going to check it out. Thanks..will let you know what I find out..

Posted at 10:14 pm Mar 8, 2010 EST

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