Will you send my daughter a postcard while she is in the hospital?

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Original Post

HautTotes says


For those of you who don't know me, my name is Melissa Lewis & I am Haut Totes.

My 10 year old daughter Satori has Spinal Muscular Atrophy (type II) She uses a power wheelchair, can't walk, crawl, etc. But she is a rock star!! She has a super sense of humor, gets straight A's (in academically advanced classes) is a great big sister and daughter and a fantastic person all around.

Because she is so physically weak her body doesn't hold its self up well and she has developed severe scoliosis. Because of the curve of her spine it is now starting to crush her lung, so on March 31 she will have full spinal fusion. They will open her back insert 2 titanium rods, one on either side of her spine, wire the whole thing up and place donor bone in between all the vertebrae. Eventually it will all grow together "fusing" her spine into one long bone.

We are traveling to California to have this done, with an estimated stay in the hospital of 7-10 days. I am hoping to get people to send her postcards from all over. I think that the messages (and pictures) will be fun for her. I also plan to take an atlas and have her mark off states and countries (sneaking in a little geography).

We have great insurance, a FANTASTIC surgeon and a world renowned hospital!!

**She is not in need of anything more than some exciting messages and postmarks :) **

I thought who better than my Etsy and Twitter friends to make that happen!

I am posting this now for those of you who live outside of the US. If you live within the states you should probably hold off sending your post cards for 2 weeks.

This is how the post card should be addressed

Satori Lewis
Surgery date 3-31-10
Davis 7 Pediatrics
UC Davis Children's Hospital
2315 Stockton Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95817 USA

Thanks so much everyone!!!

Posted at 9:16pm Mar 10, 2010 EST


Good luck to your daughter! I'll send a postcard!

Yay UCDavis! My alma mater. Awesome school.

Posted at 9:18pm Mar 10, 2010 EST

Yes Haut, I would love to send a card to your favorite rock star. Consider it done.


Posted at 9:19pm Mar 10, 2010 EST

kittyd says

I'll send one dear! Marking so I'll have the address. I'll also say a prayer for her. (((Hugs))) to the both of you.

Posted at 9:20pm Mar 10, 2010 EST

Melissa, I hope that your daughter has a succesful surgery and a fast recovery! I would love to send her a postcard! :)

Posted at 9:20pm Mar 10, 2010 EST

CraftZany says

sending many prayers your way! She sounds like a wonderful daughter!

Posted at 9:21pm Mar 10, 2010 EST

noraArt says

Done and Done! Best of luck to your family!

Posted at 9:22pm Mar 10, 2010 EST

HautTotes says

Here she is :) www.flickr.com/photos/31716355@N02/4290071289/

and no, the hair is from my husband not me :(

Posted at 9:22pm Mar 10, 2010 EST

Marking! I'd love to send a postcard.

Posted at 9:22pm Mar 10, 2010 EST

Marking. My eldest daughter is also 10 and I am sure she would love to send Satori a postcard :)

Hope the surgery goes well and we will keep your daughter and your family in our prayers.

Posted at 9:23pm Mar 10, 2010 EST