Be Advised! Pebeo Porcelaine paints are NOT food safe

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Original Post

iktomi says

Way too many sellers are saying 'food safe' in their descriptions of painted plates. I emailed and got this response:

Dear Customer,

Thanks for your interest in our product.

Our products Porcelaine 150 and Vitrea 160, although not containing heavy
metal (lead…) and validating the norm EN71 for toy, aren’t “food contact”
products. The plates and other objects of use wich are used or exposed to
food should not be painted.
Paint can be applied on decoratives surfaces wich are not intended to be in
contact with food or beverage.

We wish you will enjoy using our product anyhow.

Best regards

The customer service

These paints are really fun and I'm not saying don't use them, just that if it's on a plate, the seller should disclose that it is not food safe. After the recent craft article by Etsy, it seems the impression was that this is a perfectly safe paint to eat of of. It is not.

Posted at 9:47am Mar 11, 2010 EST


iktomi says

Apparently, this is not an issue for anyone.

Okay, don't say I didn't warn ya!

Posted at 9:57am Mar 11, 2010 EST

artsielady says

what no outrage about this???? Something is very wrong here and Etsy should not promote this as a safe thing when it is not made very clear that this is not safe for food contact.

Posted at 10:23am Mar 11, 2010 EST

it is also a buyer's choice to be educated. I, personally, will not consider any handpainted ceramic item to BE food safe. Kiln fired, totally different.

but while it is important for sellers to be honest and totally transparent, it is also important for buyers to have a clue what they are actually buying.

Posted at 10:39am Mar 11, 2010 EST

I used the product when it first came out and called the company. They were very nice and informative. I was painting wine glasses. They said not to paint all the way to where the mouth will touch the glass.

I have fused glass items that are all glass and not painted...those are food safe. It is good to do your homework.

Posted at 10:46am Mar 11, 2010 EST

CoquetteBath, all glazes used in a kiln are not automatically food safe either :)

iktomi, I think it's a good thing to point out :)

Posted at 10:50am Mar 11, 2010 EST

foxpots says

I share the concern about this product being promoted in an Etsy feature & workshop without HUGE warnings about food safety.

There is a place for the product, but the manufacturer's directions and cautions should be followed and prominently displayed.

Posted at 1:42pm Mar 11, 2010 EST

What? If I walk into a store and buy a plate and it says food safe I believe it. If I come to etsy to buy a plate and it says food safe I would expect it to be so as well. I think sometimes we put entirely too much burden on our customers. Customers trust Sellers to know of what they speak. They shouldn't have to do extra homework.
Etsy on the other hand SHOULD be doing its homework easpecially when it goes about promoting things. :/

Posted at 1:48pm Mar 11, 2010 EST

iktomi--Did you email admin about this? They should really post a correction in the Storque for that project.

Posted at 1:48pm Mar 11, 2010 EST

Thanks for the info Iktomi!

Posted at 3:25pm Mar 11, 2010 EST