Length Of Necklace For Little Girl?

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Original Post

I am making a couple of necklaces for my 9 and 10 year old nieces, and I'm wondering what the standard length would be for girls this age? I have never made a necklace for a young girl before.

Thanks! :)

Posted at 1:43pm Mar 13, 2010 EST


Appatite says

I would probably go with a 10 or 12 inch, but it really depends on how small they are, and how long you want the necklaces to be.

If you are worried about the length you could always add on an extender chain to add a little extra length

Posted at 1:57pm Mar 13, 2010 EST

Really? 10-12"? I didn't realize it would be that short. :) I was thinking maybe 14", but I have no idea.

Thanks Appatite. They are pretty small girls. :)

Posted at 2:14pm Mar 13, 2010 EST

I'd say 14" for girls that age. If they are beaded necklaces, you could always use memory wire! I used to teach beading classes for kids and girls between the ages of 8 and 14 usually chose memory wire.

Posted at 3:07pm Mar 13, 2010 EST

Thanks, SStewartJewelleryArt. :) They are not beaded necklaces, by the way.

I just browsed through some listings, and it seems that 14-15" would be a good length. I think I'll try that.

Posted at 3:18pm Mar 13, 2010 EST