Want to be in my Treasury???

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Original Post

battysbath says

I JUST snagged a treasury!
If you want to be featured in my weekly picks go over to either of my shops and make a purchase. Include your shop link and the item you want me to feature in the note to buyer and I'll add you to the treasury as soon as I receive payment!

My two shops are:

Batty's Bath

She's Batty Designs

Posted at 7:25pm Mar 13, 2010 EST


Floreal says

Congratulations :)

Posted at 7:28pm Mar 13, 2010 EST

He's been hanging around for awhile, I want to ship him out today. He comes w/ free recipies for your crock pot

A few yummy reciepies...
Crock-pot Tamale
Hobo stew
Manhattan clam chowder
Apricot pork chops
Lauren's corn Chowder

Posted at 7:29pm Mar 13, 2010 EST

battysbath says

Thanks Floreal :)

Posted at 7:33pm Mar 13, 2010 EST

battysbath says

The first 4 in the treasury right now are from my awesome customers!

Posted at 7:38pm Mar 13, 2010 EST

battysbath says

If you want spot #5 get your order in :)

Posted at 7:44pm Mar 13, 2010 EST

ZurDesigns says

Done! I'd like to feature Forever and Always! www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=36889298
Thanks so much! I love your shops!

Posted at 10:02pm Mar 13, 2010 EST

battysbath says

Thanks to you Deb! Your time looks great in the Treasury!

Posted at 11:05pm Mar 13, 2010 EST

battysbath says

Anyone else interested?

Posted at 12:09am Mar 14, 2010 EST