When I launched my new pendant line... (a business story)

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Original Post

I was pretty insecure about them being successful, and it showed.

I pushed the fact that they were penny pendants everywhere, the titles, the descriptions, the shop announcement, THE LUCKY PENNY PENDANT!!!!

I yelled in my shop announcement, "NEW!! BUY 3 GET ONE FREE!!!"


I sold them too cheaply ($11, plus the buy 3 get one free)

I even kind of yelled in my photos. THIS IS A PENNY PENDANT! SEE ALL THE PENNIES!

I was insecure, I wanted them to sell like gangbusters and it didn't not work, I did sell, especially when I paid for advertising but...

I am calmer now. I've raised my prices. I am slowly changing out my photos, slowly removing the "buy 3 get one free" shouting and the "free shipping" shouting.

I am more confident in them and now that is what is showing.

Raising my prices forced me to look at what they were worth. Once I realized that I did actually have a good product, I didn't need to yell any more.

Are your prices too low?

Are you shouting at your buyers?

Confidence is sexy, and it sells.

Posted at 5:35pm Mar 15, 2010 EDT


weirdolls says

Well, confidence is sexy, when people are aware of your existence. But if you are new - you sorta have to yell :)

Posted at 5:39pm Mar 15, 2010 EDT

I don't think I'm shouting. but maybe the *** around stuff could also be construed as "shouting"?

i'm definitely still insecure. the moment i finished uploading all my new photos, i instantly hated them and wanted to take them down. so now it's back to the drawing board to figure out a consistent style for my background without being too dark (current black) or boring (my old white)

Posted at 5:39pm Mar 15, 2010 EDT

Weird, you're not yelling at all.

And your work is AWESOME (I yelled that!)


Posted at 5:40pm Mar 15, 2010 EDT

It is glad that you are confident and it shows. I hope you do well.

Posted at 5:42pm Mar 15, 2010 EDT

eyeful says

Yes, Ryan, confidence is sexy :)

Posted at 5:43pm Mar 15, 2010 EDT

weirdolls says

Thanks :) That's the problem: I think I need to yell more, but I am too scared.

Posted at 5:43pm Mar 15, 2010 EDT

JimJuris says

Fantastic story.

I made lots of mistakes when I startes selling online back in 2002.

I would not feel bad at what you did when you started out selling your product. It takes time to learn what works and how you want to define your business.

Now that you are a little bit more experienced go and do what you need to do in order to give your shop/ website visitors the impression that you think and want them to see when they visit.

Posted at 5:43pm Mar 15, 2010 EDT

Weird, you don't need to yell, you just need to be present.

I think your work is amazing, be present in places where your customers are and they will be glad to know you.

Posted at 5:50pm Mar 15, 2010 EDT

Jim, thanks for the advice, I am always learning.

Posted at 5:50pm Mar 15, 2010 EDT