1,000 Lb Woman? and in a bikini!

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It's sad that someone can't have her committed. If she were a loved one of mine, I would sure try, it's common sense in today's world that trying to gain that much weight is killing yourself. The government should step in just as it would if she was holding a gun to her head.

And what's even sadder is she's doing this in front of her children. What would happen if she had a gun to her or a rope around her neck in front of her kids? People would step in, this is no different, she needs treatment....

Posted at 9:52am Mar 16, 2010 EDT

kokodiablo says

This is a touchy topic with me because I am a plus size woman. I'm a size 20 which isn't as big ax the ladies we're talking about, but I am a big mama. I think it is sad that someone would do this kind of thing on purpose for attention. On the other hand I get so sick of society shoving this tanned, skinny whatever picture of a woman as the only form of a beautiful, sexy woman.

Posted at 9:52am Mar 16, 2010 EDT

calobee says

NSFW = Not Safe For Work.

Posted at 9:52am Mar 16, 2010 EDT

The look on the newsladies face during the story was priceless though....this mixture of disbelief and confusion!

Posted at 9:53am Mar 16, 2010 EDT

Not sage for work!

Well, I mean, they are wearing lingerie!

Posted at 9:53am Mar 16, 2010 EDT

kokodiablo -First of all if that's you in the pic(avi)you are a total hottie! and a size 20 is not even close to these women. I know plenty of women that are a size 20. plus size is alot smaller than these people.

Posted at 9:54am Mar 16, 2010 EDT

I'm a size 20 as well. I get sick of the size 0 models with perky boobs, blond hair and blue eyes as well. Especially when the avg woman is a size 14-the models should be size 14!!

But what this woman is doing is wrong. It's not about the fact that she isn't a size 2, it's about the fact that we all know being over weight is bad for your health. The more over weight, the worse for your health. ANd she is purposely trying to gain this weight and cause herself serious, life threatening problems.

Posted at 9:55am Mar 16, 2010 EDT

I mean if she was the size she is, and was just posting the video of her eating in a bikini fine-fetish site, but the fact that she is trying to go for a world record and induce health problems, wrong.

Posted at 9:57am Mar 16, 2010 EDT

koko, you're a hottie!!

Posted at 9:58am Mar 16, 2010 EDT