How to fold and tie-dye a mandala tutorial

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Original Post

I posted this tutorial awhile back on my FB page, but it obviously isn't accessible to those that do not use FB. So, I have posted the 2-part tutorial on my blog.
Part1-How to fold the mandala

Part2-How to dye the mandala

Enjoy and feel free to ask any dyeing and folding questions.

Posted at 9:36pm Mar 17, 2010 EDT


Thanks! That's very interesting and very different than what I do. You do an excellent job getting the folds straight and keeping the colors from blurring together.

I like to soak my fabric in soda ash first and let it dry before folding. I, too, spray a little water to moisten it and help the fold crease tighter. Do you ever use artificial sinew for your string?

Posted at 7:29pm Apr 15, 2010 EDT

sirtom says

Thanks for sharing that. I have only dyed a few things, but this looks like fun.

Posted at 7:43pm Apr 15, 2010 EDT

Thanks for sharing your technique, I have been dyeing/painting some silk scarves for the craft shows but haven't tried that much folding yet.

Posted at 9:21pm Apr 15, 2010 EDT

That is so cool. I've never tie dyed before and had no idea you could make shapes like that.

Posted at 9:30pm Apr 15, 2010 EDT