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Original Post

Does anyone know of a MOO promo code? I'm a first time buyer and I don't want the ad at the bottom of the 50 freebies being offered right now. Thanks for your help!


Posted at 2:58pm Mar 18, 2010 EDT


I think it is 10 business cards! Not 50!

I'll have to check it out if it is 50!

Posted at 2:59pm Mar 18, 2010 EDT

I believe it is 50, check out the Etsy update:

Posted at 3:04pm Mar 18, 2010 EDT

This is one that's working: Get 15% off your first order by entering this code @ checkout: 2RB2CK

Posted at 3:06pm Mar 18, 2010 EDT

annastrunk says


Posted at 3:10pm Mar 18, 2010 EDT

Code: 2RB2CK This worked! I just used it...

Posted at 6:09pm Mar 18, 2010 EDT

marking! What happened to the free 50? Did I miss it?

Posted at 10:54pm Mar 29, 2010 EDT

Already having used the 50 free via the Etsy link, I tried the 15% off code. Just so everyone knows, the code 2RB2CK will only work if you're a new customer. I just tried it, but was denied as I'm a returning customer. Ah well.


Posted at 5:23am Apr 7, 2010 EDT

bummer! No other codes??? I am not a new customer there.

Posted at 5:55am Apr 7, 2010 EDT