Pictures of our studios.

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Original Post

lisashay says

Alright, with all the resellers jitters going on right now, I thought it might be cool if some of us posted pics of our actual real studios/work spaces. Yes, real people with real messy desks. Because I think that most of the sellers on etsy are good, decent people looking to share their talent and craft with the rest of us.

Here's pics from our messy/cluttered desks. Mine's no angel and you can see it's mostly sewing machines and drafting tables wedged in a basement. With stacks and bins of fabric, thread, etc.

Here's my desk in Charlotte, NC:!/album.p...

Here's Amie's studio space in Greensboro, NC!/album.php?aid=397110&id=442246080471

So let's see picks of your desk (messy or otherwise)

Posted at 12:18am Mar 19, 2010 EDT


lisashay says

Yes, I've seen designer shots for forum threads on how to design the perfect workspace, but most days I'm fighting a battle with fabric, the computer, the machines, and everything else. Never mastered the zen of no clutter yet.

Posted at 12:20am Mar 19, 2010 EDT

I posted a flash slide show on my web page of how I make my jewelry with shots my husband took of me working in my studio and casting shed. We've moved so now I need to make one in my new studio.

Posted at 12:20am Mar 19, 2010 EDT

lisashay says

Wow JewelryArte, that is amazing. I am so impressed.

Posted at 12:39am Mar 19, 2010 EDT

Here is mine... I didn't realize how messy it was! Oh well, I can close the doors and go home when I am done with work!!/album.php?ai...

Posted at 1:02am Mar 19, 2010 EDT

I have one shot of my letterpress studio:

That is my super big fun place!

Posted at 1:03am Mar 19, 2010 EDT

By the way - great studios all around!

Posted at 1:04am Mar 19, 2010 EDT

OK.. I know I can never be neat... I have scraps of fabric, thread, pins, clothing, piles of stuff everywhere!

Posted at 1:08am Mar 19, 2010 EDT

I'm marking this and getting a pic. in the morning. Not for the faint at heart!

Posted at 1:12am Mar 19, 2010 EDT

ElanaNiri says

These photos were taken after a massive cleanup of my studio. It's a little messier now.

Posted at 1:13am Mar 19, 2010 EDT